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  1. Blockchain offers the possibility of creating business models or existing business optimizations using joint databases between companies or various institutions. In the same way, public Blockchains can also be used to certify information of all kinds.

  2. I tried to buy bitcoin on Blockchain and the process was a complete joke.

    My transaction was put into “review” and was soon after rejected (no reason given). The money was still taken out of my account though. I am waiting to hear back from support.

    The website in general is impossible to navigate. If you refresh, you will be logged out. It will force you to verify your email every time you want to log in.

    The people running this company do not know what they are doing. I will be finding another Bitcoin provider.

    • really bad support, no help, takes ages for a response, stay clear away.

  3. I am a happy customer. I had to register Blockchain on Trustpilot. I am confused why there are no other reviews.

    Blockchain claims to have several million clients holding Bitcoin wallets with them. So it’s unnerving that they did not appear on Trustpilot until I just registered.

    Come on , Blockchain, get your act together and get your customers to review your service because it IS a good service.

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