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Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services S.A. Is an independent firm that provides investment services for over 24 years, both in the stock market and in the derivatives market. Through the license granted by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC), Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services S.A is regulated by the MIFID law and has the right to offer the following services:
Reception and transmission of orders
Execution of orders on behalf of customers
Investment advice
Management of the investment portfolio

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  1. Hello: I started not long ago with Keystock. I would like to know the opinion of whoever operates with them.
    How can I have truthful information about them?

  2. Jester married to that name, I do not think they take you seriously.

    • They are scammers, try to get the money, if you can, and especially as soon as they realize that you suspect something, that day they tell you to buy or invest in it and the next day you lose everything

  3. I was ripped off over € 180,000 in 3 months and I’m trying to recover something. Watch out for the analyst Sergio Rabadán.

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  5. The best runner I’ve had by far. The customer service is second to none. The platform analyzes are excellent.

  6. KeyStock is a broker from Greece that is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and offers a very complete service in Europe and the world for all types of investors who wish to expand their knowledge and financial experiences.

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