1 Billion Forex – www.1billionforex.com

1 Billion Forex – www.1billionforex.com

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We are a Forex Brokerage located in Belize. Together we work with NordFX as a parter Broker. Currently we have thousands of clients and are known for our helping traders get the best trading conditions. Our specialists team of FX market professionals have built strong relationships with more than 20 top tier banks and we are therefore able to offer you the best spreads and service. Our Execution is second to none and traders receive 100% satisfaction.



To 1BillionForex We offer you the highest standard in trading forex and metals. With thousands of clients and the fastest execution in the financial trading world.

  • Trading Style. EA Robots, Scalping
  • Best Spreads. We offer very low spreads, as low as 0 pips EUR/USD
  • Leverage. We offer leverage of 1:10-1:1000 as well as the ability to Hedge your funds
  • MetaTrader 4 and 5. We offer Premium MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Fast support within 1 hour

Website: http://1billionforex.com/meta/

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  1. I’ve researched a lot about runners in the world and never seen this one. Anyone know about him?

    • No brother, I have no idea

  2. I bought with him, the truth was short time, I decided to look for a little more professional or complete. This has really low spreads.

    • Well your comment is not very encouraging. Hahaha

  3. It is a broker for which I would give 3 stars. Complex for someone totally new, very basic for someone with more experience. So it goes in the middle.

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  5. It is a highly recommended broker, with daily certifications. My experience of more than a year with them is magnificent, in addition to having an account management that I have not seen anywhere, their historical drawdown shows how effective they are and their low risk. My congratulations to the whole team !!!

  6. 1BillionForex is a Forex Broker that offers Forex Trading services through the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MT4 and MT5 mobile trading platforms. With respect to the order execution model, 1BillionForex is a book broker b (market maker). 1BillionForex offers currency trading, indices, CFDs, binary options, bitcoin and commodities. 1BillionForex is regulated by the FSC

  7. It achieves an average accuracy of 83% of our signals due to the detailed analysis of our equipment.

  8. At first, I almost uninstalled the application when I saw that I had to pay the subscription. But after trying a free trial for a week, I saw how simple it was to copy your signals on MT4 and actually made higher profits that week than usual. Then I got the 3 month subscription and then got the annual sub. You can definitely trust this application!

  9. One of the best and safest European brokers. Perfect for people who invest in the long term and have been operating for years.

  10. A month ago I requested the withdrawal of funds, but I still haven’t received my money. When I get in touch with them they tell me there is no problem. I have already spoken with them more than 3 times without luck. They do nothing but delay the operation.

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