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168Fx – www.168fx.com

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As a Chinese leading finance company, 168 Financial Technology Co.,Ltd. provides Forex, Gold transaction and Investment Consultant service etc. which offer Asian customer reachable finance transaction solution. Based on strong financial ability, timely information and excellent IT technology, we have established a leading position in enterprises and personal trading market. 168FX (www.168fx.com) bring a new trading experience for Chinese and overseas customers based on its rapid execution model, friendly platform interface, professional analysis tools.


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    Receive 30% 168FX Bonus Credit Equity Deposit – Open an account and deposit a price as low as $ 5 USD to receive 30% credit bonus.

    The 30% charge Equity Credit Bonus Debt – 168FX first appeared on All forex bonds.

    • He has reviewed this promotion and seems to be like bait to open an account.

  2. Is not at all a good runner.

  3. There is an absolute shortage of information about this broker, it does not give me confidence.

  4. The Company creates a low-risk, stable and reliable profit model for Asian investors and provides hundreds of transaction varieties and supports VISA, MaserCard, Bitcoin, Skrill, Paypall and other currency channels. 168FX has developed interworking software systems which are applicable to various terminals such as PC, cell phone and tablet. User-friendly operation interface, highest capital safety level and the most rapid transaction speed enable you 7*24 hours to access to global wealth resources at ease without going out home and to enjoy a glorious wealth future.

  5. 168FX has always been committed to becoming a reliable partner to provide professional wealth increment for its customers.

  6. They are right there are not too many opinions to turn to, it does not look like a broker on which to entrust their money.

  7. I do not like it for nothing.

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