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8 Alert – www.8alert.com

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Close guidance anytime and anywhere, from initial trading recommendation , through ongoing follow-up ,to full execution Multiple signals for day-trades and swing-trades with real-time entry, stops and price targets. Advanced knowledge management platform for stock, future, commodity and currency trading. Addresses all the needs of traders, ranging from novice traders to professional ones. Automatic trading ability with mirror accounts.We one of the best leading strategies in collective 2 Easy-to-follow mobile App,(iOS,android) PC client (windows,linux,mac) and Email. A 14-day free trial.?

Website: http://8alert.com

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  1. In the last months I was exploring the Forex market and how can I make some money in it.
    After long time I found something interesting and I wanted to share with you, while its free.

    There are a lot of businesses that provide alerts in the forex and stocks, but here there is something different:

    – Reach the user in real time.
    – Include explanations and graphic analysis, to help users not only with their decision making, but also to develop and expand their professional knowledge.
    – Reach the users anywhere, at their desktop computers and mobile phones, not only when they are at their desk at work, but also when they are on vacation or simply walking in the park.
    – The alert is not a stand-alone entity, but also part of a sequence of alerts that creates a process, so that users have the ability to see and examine every transaction and respond to it even as it is taking shape.
    – The system of alerts must signal not only when the user is entering a transaction, but must also track it until the user exits from the transaction.
    – Ability to allow users to see all the stages of the transaction, from the entrance alert to the exit alert, and in the same window also the history of all alerts in the past week.
    – Reach the trader in advance, allowing him enough time to carry out the transaction.

    They offer now FREE TRIAL for limited time (according to them- only one month)
    I was contacting with the CEO of the company, and advised him to add Bitcoin payment option in the future. He answered that it may happen in the near future.

    The app is clean and simple, and for now there are only 1-3 alerts in a day.

  2. The 8Alert system is suitable for both professional traders and novices, including individuals working from their homes with simple tools, such as a computer, smartphone, and Internet connection.

  3. 8Alert Ltd simplifies trading by bringing users, in real time, all the information they need to make decisions and trade in the global capital markets.

  4. 8Alert will find all the information you need, bring it to you anywhere, in real-time and utmost
    convenience, enabling you to make money also
    on your free time. Good platform. Excellent service.

  5. It is very easy to use and is available for the following applications on (iOS, Android) PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) and email. I love. They were rewarded.

  6. Do not open accounts here, it’s a broker scam, and it has made me lose money a couple of times, it seems a well-defined strategy to get money from their traders.

  7. If you really take trade seriously, forget about those retail brokers or market-creating brokers and open your account with professionals like 8 Alert, in addition to being ECN brokers, so there is no conflict. Transparent and professionally regulated ECN broker. They are simply the best.

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