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Provides you with a fully-fledged web-based Trading Station for Forex and CFDs manual trading.

Offers technical charts (Candlesticks, OHLC, lines) and indicators (Trend, Oscillators, volatility, volumes, Bill Williams etc.) you can tailor according to your trading requirements. In addition, ZuluScripts™ allows trading robots to be used or developed via your own algorithms to run your trading strategies.

Your account is shielded at all times against connectivity issues and can run EAs uninterruptedly without the need for a VPS.

The best choice for those who wish to trade with an all-in-one platform that is currently offered together with your ZuluTrade account.


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  1. Ava fx it’s a market maker so when you lose they win, and when you win they lose, they make the oil price go up a few pips than the real market price and then it goes back and then … you guess it YOU LOSE MONEY.

    • Uhm avafx and aaafx are different brokers…surely avafx is not good, but if this was for ava, i think you rated the wrong broker??

  2. I would give this broker better rating if not because of higher spreads then many other broker on pair like Eur/Usd 2.4+ pip? when some ECN broker can go as low as 0. Good thing is they have direct P2P with zulu otherwise I would go with other broker (like ATC). So far don’t see slippage yet or requote, even tho sometime I do think a jump of few 0.x pip on entry seem fishy. Let see how they will do over longer run. I will update this page again if my account blow up because their server disconnect some how to zulu or Greece bank go bankrupt . Thats all 7/10. AAA if you want better rating perhaps you should find out how ATCbroker or collectivefx get their spread so low.

  3. You can’t close your postions sometimes if want trade by MT4.
    and you can’t control the trade price , a bad thing.

  4. Do you still get these MT4 connection issues? Cause I have no problems so far. Plus Ive noticed that they reduced their spreads considerably on euro market trading time. Saw EUR/USD 2-2,4 and GBP/USD 2,4.

  5. All of you guys are smoking some pretty good stuff, wow I cant believe it. I have an account with them and of course everyone knows that they own Zulu, so that not a very good start right there. After 1 week of scalping, all of my trades (in & out) have been delayed by an unreasonable amount of time with a sh*t load of slippage, which was ALWAYS in the favor of this f**kin so called broker.

    All of you trading with Zulu through AAA FX are being raped on every trade, trust me when I tell you that. Try watching a trade from the start and you will see the delay and slippage, its unbelievable what a scam they truly are. The execution is so slow, its nothing short of being pathetic.

  6. AAAfx do alot of slipping while you enter or close trade. Sliping is there even if the market is still and not making much movement and you are executing trade from meta trader.
    I am soon going to quit with this broker.

  7. You should request a refund if you have high slippage. I think in their full refund policy they state that!

  8. yes their is policy of refund of slipage only if you are trading via zulu , but I am also using EA in MT4 , and also facing slippage in that.

  9. You will never get a refund from these idiots, they are complete rip off artists, so dont expect a thief to give you back your money after they put a gun to your head to rob you, it will never happen.

  10. What I like the most in AAAFX is that always this broker feels and covers the needs of its customers.
    They recently have added FX, CFDs, Gold, Silver and Oil so we can trade them in one account with forex.
    Iphone application there is as well…. but I don’ t have an I-phone cause the seller on e-bay was proven a scammer.

  11. To all US citizens that want to use aaafx:
    You can open an account if you give them a non-US address and proof of address! Meaning that if you have a house or relative etc. outside the US, you can use this address to open an account! I did this with a house I own abroad!

  12. AAAFX scam broker claim that its both aaafx and zulutrade binary platforms have same prices running on when actually aaafx everytime and time creates a gap to the worse on aaafx live accounts platform as shown in screenshot attached(last 2 pics), to give its binary clients worse entry price while the expiry price ends the same as of zulu platform.

    After contacting aaafx about their SCAM, they reply by giving a screenshot from both platforms showing that prices are the same, aaafx are one of the most cruel brokers out there, aaafx play it as idiots, trying to decrease people awareness or mind cleverness by aaafx stupid ignorant replies.

    It is just as if telling them that the snow color is white and they reply sone dust is on it making it black, briefly aaafx play it stupid in any complaint case raised by its clients!!!
    Not to forget how aaafx and zulu create frozen prices(first 2 pics) on its platforms as shown in screenshots, clearly showing too fake charts(third pic) of nonexistence curves but straight lines!!!

    Bear in mind with aaafx and zulu traders and investors hard earned money will evaporate due to technical errors created by aaafx and zulu that they both refuse to take responsibility of by refunding clients accounts, instead zulu and aaafx(both same company) give scam excuses to run away with clients money.

    Stay Away from the SCAM AAAFX and ZULUTRADE

  13. Execution is fine, but spread is far from best. There is only wire transfer for withrawing available and there is high withdrawal fee (+ need to add fee to your bank). Slow deposit/withdrawing time. Account management on web is too simple. Support is fine, looks like thay care, but also using ‘template’ emails. There is nothing special about this broker. I do not recommended, even if you use zulu, there is no reason to use it.

  14. Hello, I would also like to share my experience with the previous agent.
    I have been trading with them for the last two years or so, both manually and copy-trading with zulutrade.
    I was also looking over the regulations and can tell you that I was also a bit puzzled when it came to that, but then looked more closely and saw that all US agents meet locally, so based on diligence me Asked when I opened my account and the documents they asked me for can I say they are doing a good job at that. Hence the regulatative body must meet, also, a strict and serious.

    Now it allows for speech executions – manually I have not run any-mt4 is virtually hassle-free. Mevo, you’re kidding minutes delay – you’re sure it was not your connection – I’m sure the mt4 terminal keeps all commercial activity to date …

    And returning on the slip-slip occurs only between the following operators and sometimes happens when the brokerage houses at the two ends – follower / operator are different, however, if it is quite abnormal, I have had a case of reexaming the Trades and be reversing the difference (for a case of Alpari at that time). It has nothing to do with sliding bonuses … also if you noticed that slip occurs only under high volatility market conditions and usually if you notice that it is quite reduced lately – almost with all runners. For me AAAFx is a large brokerage house with serious business with satisfactory trading conditions. Always talking from my experience.

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  16. Very bad experience with this broker, I think he is a great horrible runner in the European Union. Very, very expensive, all money transfers, to high commissioners and other fees.
    The food of the price brokers is very slow according to my experience.

  17. A normal broker but quite reliable. I have been with them for more than a year and without problems. I am happy, I withdraw my money whenever I want and without high commissions like other brokers that offer similar services. The only downside is that nobody speaks to you here and nobody communicates in Spanish, at most in English.

  18. It is one of the few brokers that offers such high leverage, which does not make it advisable for beginners, you must also know how to communicate well in English, since it does not have support in Spanish. The documentation process is quite long and a bit tedious. But if all this does not matter to you, in general it is a good broker, with very small commissions and a good platform. The trading conditions offered are very good if you have experience. I hope my comment helps you.

  19. For a few months I have been operating with this broker, you have to be careful because its leverage is very high, of the highest that the market offers, 1: 2000, if you are a beginner I do not recommend it much, since either you can earn a lot or lose it all in hours.

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