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  • Transparent Fee: When you trade Forex with ActivTrades, there are no hidden commissions or fees
  • Manage Your Exposure: Trade various sizes (as low as micro lots) and maximise your trading flexibility with leverage up to 1:400
  • 24h Support: You can trade Forex 24h a day, and ActivTrades is happy to support you from Sunday 11 p.m. to Friday 11 p.m. CET


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  1. Anyone using this broker? Could you share your live trading experiences with them? Any slippage, re-quote, disconnected problems, etc..? Thanks..

    • No problems at all, best retail broker in uk (fca regulated)

    • No problem with them so far.
      Normal spreads (2 pips in EURUSD) and no requotes

      • Hi katio, what kind of account do you use? interbank or standard?

        I’m interested with the interbank account, but I want to know is the spread on live is the same with the demo? I know the spread in demo is very rarely to move, is it happen on the live as well?

        Thank you…

    • This broker open the spread for roll over at 22:00 in major pairs over 14 Pips and more for some minutes. so be very, very careful to thrust this broker when you trade in this time.

    • Good broker, low leverage when your account its high. They give me leverage 20

  2. stay away from this broker – we have run 8 accounts for 2 years and 1 account from an investmentfunds with this broker. our tradingsstation includes 12 terminals and trade with different brokers on real accounts and ALWAYS the same system. So we can compare ALL trades and positions.
    the different between activ trades and ALL other brokers was 10% profit for 3 month with activ trades and 40-50% profit in 3 month with ALL other brokers.
    for 2 years it was always the same situation: for two month the results were the same with all brokers. If we have 30% profit with activ trades, they change our accounts to another pricefield and we loose 20% in the same time on which the SAME system makes profit with ALL other brokers.
    first of all we couldn`t say how they can do that but after 2 years we know this.

  3. The best runner !!! Security of funds, low spread, fast execution, fast withdrawal / deposit, excellent customer service, quick comments.

  4. Ich arbeite seit November 2018 (95 Operationen) und mit diesem Makler ist alles in Ordnung. Schnelle Tradind-Ausführungen, Ein- / Auszahlungen, sehr gute Unterstützung usw. Ich kann Activtrades für Mikrokonten nur empfehlen.

  5. Son unos prepotentes, y tendréis problemas. Yo ya los he tenido, y eso que me he intercambiado 2 correos.
    Mejor así, porque me ahorro de abrir una cuenta, que sé, o no sabía mejor dicho, que a la postre podría tener problemas.

  6. Lo consiglio! La qualità del suo servizio clienti in spagnolo.
    È un broker regolamentato, sicuro e affidabile.
    Vasta esperienza nel settore e buona reputazione tra i suoi clienti.
    Offre una piattaforma di trading più popolare (MetaTrader).

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