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Alvexo is a regulated global Investments brokerage.


We specialise in global financial markets – offering the best possible trading environment. This includes advanced tools and the best customer support, so that our clients can invest in currency and CFD trading with the assurance and success of a market leader.

Founded by a team of market veterans & hi-tech professionals, we aim to provide the best prospects of success by offering comprehensive investment and trading services.


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  1. The customer service is excellent, thanks Alvexo.

  2. They are tremendous SCAMS. I lost $ 3,500 in less than 2 months and my sister, who told me about this company, lost 5,000. It all started when one Gabriella Dumitru started calling me and making promises of all kinds. I had no idea about forex trading, so I was skeptical. However, after a few calls I decided to give it a try. I decided to start with $ 500, but Gabriella pushed me to $ 1,000 for better profits. As soon as I made the transfer, he referred me to Steve Conway and stopped responding to my emails. This person was supposed to advise me, but what he got was that my account was always almost to zero, so he asked me to enter more money. When I refused to do so, my account was canceled in just a few days.

  3. I have opened ECN account with Alvexo last week , I chose this broker becouse of what you can see in Brokers Spreads comparison on Myfxbook, so on Eur/Usd spread together with comission it should be around 0,6 pips, and it is one big lie…
    They really have tide spreads but just on Eur/Usd and Usd/Jpy but comission…to get to Break Even point You need 1.9 pips so if you add spread the total cost is more then 2 pips. That is not everything, they have the worst execution i have ever seen to get in to a trade takes more then 1 second. You can see it on the movie i did and I attached here. Since wednesday last week I was sending orders to withdrawal my money and it happened just today on Monday that my money was send away from them. Service is worst ever as well…Maria Cole she was my contact person she was keep calling me like 8 or 9 times every day just to force me to open account with them, after i send money and I realized that the conditions are different that they told me and i wrote her that I wanna withdrawal my money she never even answer me. I send her couple of mails that Im asking her to contact me but she never did.
    So I was trading with about 11 brokers but that one has the worst service the worst execution, they are very expensive and most off all they are liars…

    • I too opened an ECN account with Alvexo. From my understanding the spreads are variable and they can change at any moment. It does state that spreads are as low as 0 pips, which means that it can also start at a higher number. Nothing is set in stone when you trade, everyone knows this. The fact that they would respond to you, tells me that they are legit and care about their trading reputation. I have had issues with some trading brokers in the past, but one thing that I do respect is a broker that responds to its clients issues or concerns.

  4. I have opened a Demo Account before months and I did not use it due to lack of time and the fact that I did not had any experience about trading. Before 8 days a Sales Representative called me and start pressuring me to open a normal account. Kyriaki, which was her name said to me that I will only need 15-20 minutes per day and that they will provide me proper trading. Unfortunately, nothing of those is real. Also I mentioned to her that I wanted to have a few lessons at the Demo Account and then to the Real Account. She replied ok and I have deposit my money to the account. To the first lessons which was approximately 25 minutes they open me the platform, show me how to open and close positions and about RSI. Until here everything was good. Moreover, we arrange with my Senior Broker, Steve, a second lesson, after few days, which unfortunately due to some reasons of him or the company did not call me. After that I decided to withdraw my money as I realized that the conditions were different that they told me. Despite, my desire to close my account Steve contact me immediately and changed my opinion. So we arrange a new lesson. To that time I receive a call from a new Senior Broker Andrew which asked me if I want to update my account and deposit more money for better profit. My answer was no for now and he asked me if I wanted to transfer to real platform. I answered yes and he show me again the RSI and how to open with one click the positions. To the main time I send to Kyriaki an email but she never replied back to me. Also, I have the same communication problem with my Senior Broker.
    So, as an inexperience person they pushed me to open a Gold Account without information about charges etc. They should have sent me signals on my email or mobile phone but unfortunately neither that is working with them.
    I would characterize the whole situation as deceiving due to lack of information to the persons that they contacted me and the fact that after you make the deposit to them they let you alone so be careful!!!

  5. I have been with Alvexo for 5 months now. I like their customer support and they are always available. I have seen them in other forums and they have a good reputation so far. I will continue trading with them. They are NEW and I believe that they care about their reputation. I am just giving my opinion. Just a side note: if you are new to trading forex, Alvexo does have a trading academy that offers free information. I know that some forex brokers online require you to sign up before they provide you with any type of material on forex trading.

    • 1st post giving praises to the broker … does not seem reliable

  6. I have been with Alvexo 4 months.
    I am happy. Great customer service and very quick to respond and help.
    Yes they are newcomers but I think they doing a great job.

  7. Why all of the traders here write about Alvexo customer support? I believe if you have to ask a broker for help so frequently, there is something wrong with its service.

    • Hi Santi! In case you have not noticed it is one of the main characteristics punctuated in the voting of this post. The trader needs to have good communication with the broker, it is an obvious matter. Perhaps you do not communicate with your broker…

  8. I have traded with many forex brokers, and as traders we need to be careful who we give our money to. Sometimes the withdrawal system that these brokers have is not always as simple as they claim it is. I have been trading with Alvexo for some time, and I decided to withdraw $1,500 from my account to test their reliability. I sent in the request and I received my money in 6 days. They state that clients will receive their money within 5 to 7 business days, and they were true to their word. So far so good.

  9. I recently started to trade with Alvexo and so far i am pleased with my experience. The broker assigned to me has been helpful every step of the way. I am new in trading Forex and my broker recommended i check out their trading academy which i felt was helpful. So far i am happy with my trading experience with Alvexo and I hope it continues that way.

  10. I started to Trade with Alvexo for almost 6 months, as far as my experience with them – I have no problem at all. There were times I have concerns raised in their support and they are sincere and determined to let me understand the situation. I appreciate their sincerity. I am confident when I would open a larger amount, They can be trusted.

  11. What regulatory authority is alvexo registered with and in what country? Can you help

    • Before I started to trade with Alvexo I checked on their website and they are registered with CySEC in Cyprus.

  12. I like Alvexo. It offers its customers the currency trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile. offers to trade more than 60 currency pairs and shares.

  13. Ho iniziato con ALVEXO all’inizio di quest’anno e ho ottenuto un’analisi completa dei corsi di formazione e supporto, ho iniziato in una piccola quantità in valute e i guadagni erano semplici, ma mi piaceva correre rischi, dopo che ho depositato quasi $ 4300, ora in Il mio account, più di $ 11.000 onestamente, non mi aspettavo di poter realizzare un profitto netto di $ 6000, e posso approvare che nel mio account, anche operando con alvexo, mi piace il modo in cui ottengo l’addestramento DR. Mohamed Watad, e comincio ad avere l’idea scambiando e guardando sessioni di loro, sono esperti di ritrasmissione, quindi inizio un modo diverso di fare trading con il Dr. Mahmoud Abu Hakmeh Manasrah, e da questo punto inizio a vedere il quadro completo dei segreti , Posso condividere alcune foto con chiunque chieda o addirittura viva, perché mi interessa davvero far vedere alle persone il vero commercio, non un falso.

  14. J’ai travaillé avec Alvexo au cours des dernières années. J’ai constaté que le responsable des comptes est un professionnel disposé à fournir l’analyse et la formation nécessaires pour assurer la compréhension du marché. J’ai suivi plusieurs cours en ligne avec le Dr. Mohamed Watad, qui m’a beaucoup aidé à améliorer mes compétences en affaires. Mon taux de réussite commerciale est élevé et je gagne la plupart de mes opérations.

  15. Lentamente estoy entendiendo el mercado con alvexo, comenzó hace mucho tiempo, el servicio de la compañía es realmente increíble, me retiré varias veces y MR. Mohamed Watad me mostró todo lo que necesito saber, la gestión de riesgos y su cita siempre a tiempo, les aconsejo a todos que se unan a este corredor.

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