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Bankinter was constituted in June of 1965 like an industrial bank, to 50% between the Bank of Santander and the Bank of America. In 1972 it left to be listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, becoming at that time a bank completely independent of its founders; It was then that he became a commercial bank.

Bankinter’s history is characterized by a history of growth over the years, based on taking advantage of regulatory changes, special situations and new market niches.


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  1. Very good!. Because it is the best there is now in the market.

  2. I am thinking of putting “almost” all my money (now I have it distributed in several banks) in Bankinter (and another small part in another bank) for the comfort in the management of money, securities, funds, And with almost no commissions. The management of everything on the Internet is formidable and instantly, as well as see the bag in real time and be able to sell or buy instantly. Is that for anything I have to go to each bank, give explanations, make new positions, charge me commission, and for me all that already has to be history with the media that we have today (internet).

    That is why I am concerned about Bankinter’s “solvency”. Is this bank reliable or can it be on the dangerous list?

    • In my opinion…
      Bankinter is one of the classics in the Spanish stock market.
      This is without a doubt one of the main national brokers of Spain and one of the best of its banks, being the cheap.

      Solidity of large Spanish banking group
      Great conditions for large operators
      Wide range of markets and instruments


      Not suitable for small traders
      Frequent trading platform cost a little high

  3. Broker Bankinter commissions and fees

    Bankinter’s basic commission on the stock exchange is 8 euros up to 90,000, and 0.05% cash on operations for more than 90,000 euros.

    To this must be added the canon expenses of the Spanish stock market.

    In international exchanges the commission will be 20 euros for most of the world markets, with 0.19% or 0.20 of the nominal for high cases.

    The national custody fee will be 0.04% quarterly with a minimum of 4 euros.

    The international custody fee will be 0.05 quarterly with a minimum of 4 euros.

    There will be a commission for the payment of coupons and dividends of 0.25% in Spanish companies (minimum of 1.20 euros) and 0.30% in nonresident companies (minimum of 1.20 euros).

    In addition, it will be necessary to add 0.42 euros of postal expenses plus VAT.

  4. Bankinter offers a good service of electronic banking (internet) and even many of the offices are equipped with a terminal to connect (which is not the level of security of these terminals).
    It emphasizes the originality and imagination that they throw to many products and the agility of the procedure in its contraction. Your customer service is also satisfactory.
    Nevertheless to be an electronic banking the commissions that establishes I consider them elevated. There should be more products without commission.
    On the other hand, its commercial policy is somewhat aggressive. An example is the offer of gift of the action by means of which you try to put with shoehorn the action by all sides.
    In spite of it I recommend the product because with everything, if you compare it with other options that are out there it leaves quite well stopped.

  5. My Favourite…!
    Bankinter combines the best online broker and bank with a good traditional bank.
    The broker is excellent and has among others the following characteristics:
    1-Advisory Section or ADVISER
    2-Interactive Graphical Analysis Tool
    3-Global analysis: investment strategies, company and sector reports, etc.
    4-Possibility to see the securities accounts of your different banks with the AGGREGATOR
    5-Offer of 0.35% of the nominal value of the securities transferred to ebankinter.
    And of course the possibility of trading in real time in the stock market, in the main markets around the world, with really competitive commissions: fixed commission of 7 euros in continuous market.
    The website is easy to use with many possibilities:
    – create all the securities accounts that we need and give them a personalized name: for example one account for nasdaq, another for European market and another for continuous market.
    -create current accounts in different currencies, so you can trade on Nasdaq and instantly charge or pay our transactions in the account in dollars, euros, etc., according to what suits us.
    -transfer money between our accounts or make transfers to accounts of third parties NO COST, even if other banks are out of place.
    -operate in any stock market with limited orders, for the same cost as an order at market price. In continuous market can be given conditional orders “stop loss” or other types.
    -The custody fees of securities are 0.2% above the NOMINAL value, not the market value. It is interesting to maintain low nominal values ??and avoid those with high nominal and low market prices (be careful with some Nasdaq values!)
    In addition to all these possibilities the on-screen display of your operations with values ??and
    Your stock portfolios are very comfortable and fast. There is also an option to monitor IPOs, funds and deposits as well as technical studies of most securities with recommendations from analysts.
    Bankinter broker is a secure, efficient, cheap and very fast broker, with the possibility of working in real time both in domestic and foreign markets, which also allows you to control your investments and charges in the bankinter itself without relying on transfers to other Entities and with your traditional bankinter bank that makes more real what is already very virtual that sometimes result in online finance.
    Unlike other online brokers, you have the security of being backed by your bank as always and their prices are really competitive.

  6. I sincerely think that bankinter is doing a great campaign of advertising and customer loyalty, I as many people opened an account in this bank through an offer made on the internet where they called your attention by offering you a sum of money that you were given to open An account and they actually give it to you, it’s a very aggressive but very interesting campaign, I think it’s all a success on their part. Also from my experience they put all the facilities on their part as the sending of the documents without cost some and reports on the home account continuously proof of efficiency and efficiency

  7. Bankinter is a value with a lot of travel, according to my opinion. It has always gone down to 39 and then rebounds at 45. Now it’s cheap. And is that Bankinter was not very skilled at the beginning of everything when I created his division on the Internet. What the other banks (BSCH, BBVA, etc.) did, was to create an independent company, so that their income accounts would not be affected by the initial investments needed for the new business. But bankinter did suspend its division of the mother company, with which its benefit was very reduced. And the market penalized him. But the banks are good (you have fixed how little they pay for the fact that you give them money, but how expensive they charge it?). Do as I do, buy now and sell at 33.

  8. Excellent service. And very good platform.

  9. I exchanged with different brokers, more or less the conditions are the same, but what made this broker the best so far, is the excellent customer service and the speed to solve any problem or doubt you may get.

  10. Bonjour, je suis client de Bankinter depuis plus de 20 ans et chaque mois d’août, la même chose se passe, je réside à Valdemoro, où il n’ya qu’un bureau de cette entité qui est fermé et le guichet automatique n’est pas opérationnel depuis trois jours

  11. Mi experiencia con este banco es muy negativa. No recomiendo este banco para nada. Hice una compra de un hotel (desde mi casa en España) a través de booking con la tarjeta de crédito y cual es mi sorpresa cuando me pasan los gastos de la tarjeta que me habían cobrado 25 euros de comisión, según ellos por el uso de redes internacionales pues el hotel está fuera de la Unión Europea.

  12. Alles am Anfang sehr gut, bis plötzlich mein persönlicher Manager verschwindet, sie haben es aus der Anwendung beseitigt, ein Problem, weil das 902 anruft und wenn wir es schon sehen, Hot-Mails, damit sie sich nicht herablassen Beantworten Sie alle und die elektronische Bank versagt mir, Lösung (nach dem Versuch auf jede mögliche Weise), dass ich Ihnen eine Liste aller Fehler sende, die zu mir kommen und “wir sehen es bereits”, insgesamt, die sie mir geben. Banken wechseln und Ärger haben.

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