BBVA Bancomer –

BBVA Bancomer –



Provide the investor with the option of investing predominantly in shares of companies listed on the stock exchange known as NASDAQ, live and / or through collective investment mechanisms such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and / or Securities Referred to Shares (TRACs), quoted in pesos or dollars. The Fund may also invest in derivative financial instruments in recognized markets and / or warrants in accordance with the provisions issued by the CNBV and Banco de México, denominated in national and / or foreign currency. In addition, it will invest in a combination of non-US equities listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange or listed in the SIC, debt securities issued or guaranteed by the Federal Government, Banco de México, state and municipal, credit institutions, structured securities, , UDIS and / or any other currency other than the peso, through mechanisms ETFs, TRACs and / or investment companies; And bank deposits of money at sight in financial institutions, denominated in pesos and / or any other currency. It is recommended that you remain in the Fund for at least one year to receive the results of the investment strategy.


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  1. Servus!

    Ich frage mich aktuell, welches Diätmittel für mich in Frage
    kommt. Was auch immer ich bis jetzt benutzt habe, war total erfolglos.
    Könnt ihr mir berichten, was ich bei der Sache zu
    berücksichtigen habe? Ich halte nichts von solchen Wundermitteln,
    die vieles versprechen, jedoch nur wenig erfüllen. Also nicht verkehrt interpretieren,
    ich will keine Wunderpille, aber es muss doch irgendwelche Kapseln geben, die
    zumindest ein bisschen behilflich sind.

    Für Hilfe wäre ich äußerst dankbar

    Mit freundlichem Gruß

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