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Based in the heart of the CBD, Berndale services the global forex market with representation throughout Europe and Asia.


Your technology is built around a next-generation currency trading framework with servers located in New York, London and Japan, placing traders at the forefront of price movements. Your system executes countless trades every second, ensuring you get the entry and price you want every time you place a trade. Requotes simply do not exist when trading on our MT4 platform.


  • Australian Regulated Broker
  • Segregated Client Funds
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Unparalleled Conditions
  • Industry Leading Support
  • Committed to You


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  1. I already said my goodbyes to my money. Criminals. Yeah yeah , one day the CEO will be spending time in a cell. Laugh now, but karma will catch up.

    • Because I see you lost a lot of money, it’s a shame.

    • I can confirm a very negative experience when it comes to withdrawing money from this broker. It’s clear their business strategy is, “delay and prevent clients withdrawing money as much as possible”, whether this takes the form of never calling you back to verify a callback, and poor customer service from their CSRs. When you want to withdraw, all you get is “why”.

  2. My experience with them has been good. They have good customer service with reliable execution and payment of benefits. They are honest

  3. Just had a managed account with them, they have an inhouse account i had to beg for it. they have something like 50 spots makes an average return of 5% per month not high risk i guess but does well.

  4. My strategies have performed better when operating with the spreads they offer. Although getting used to MT5 and adjusting my codes from MT4 to MT5 was a pain. But in the end it was worth it. I like the fact that they allow the deposit of 20 or more crypto currencies.

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