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Bforex is the undisputed leader in the online Forex market.


Use the powerful, fully customizable PROfit platform to operate on your computer, online or on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. In bforex, you operate your way!


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  1. Broker is a leading Broker in scamming all traders. They will try to convince you by all means so that you invest in their services and get scammed. Please stay away as conveniently as you can and enjoy you life. They are good for nothing.

    • Hi Sajdall!
      There must be strict regulation for Brokers before they get online and take the investment from Traders. As real money are on stake and it must be with good people.

    • Dear All ,
      I am also one of the victim of . But i got all my money back.Please contact me directly on my email address [email protected] , so that i can share with you the simple and the easy legal procedure to get back my money .

  2. unfortunately i joined as a trader in bforex and when ever i contact their compliance department or any other department responsible for updation of documents , i hardly get a response. Certainly people sitting in the compliance team of Bforex trader are not customer friendly and showing their cunning attitude to customer by ignoring or delaying the much needed updations.
    I do not recommend it

  3. I have an account with Bforex broker and I am the most unhappy client of them. I had deposited 150 USD dollar. After trade 20 lots traders I have profited $50 and last month on 26 January 2017 I make a withdraw my money but they block this on my accounts for trade with them. Three weeks passed but I am not getting the money till now, support didn’t help me, they only said it is still in processing and we-we will try. I will take action

    • I thank God that I’ve not be a victim of this people, they have collected all my account document, but I am very happy that I didn’t fund the account. So they are scammer. I will send them email not to call me again. Thanks for the enlightened

    • I had deposited 200$,bforex sent a bonos if another 200$ it was 400$ agent said market went down and I lost 240$..I made a 30$ profit and I lost 180$ in a ac is empty and I hadn’t withdrawn a single profit..

  4. Having been involved with forex trading since January 2016, I can say from experience that I was very focused on finding best strategy. So far, I don’t have any issue with deposit and withdrawal, I remember that I don’t have to wait for so long to get my money back into my account. My initial deposit was $400 and now I managed to grow my profit with BForex.

  5. They are simply thieves. The intentionally keep you in lost position so that you can keep depositing.

  6. I had $7 000.00 in my account and was blocked to do lot size of more than 100 000 last week. With a account leverage of 1% – 1 : 100 I should have been able to do trades with lot sizes of 700 000 ALSO They allowed me to do hedging for more than a year and they blocked me from hedging without warning me in advance. I have correspondence with the that can proof this I feel that they owe me a refund.

  7. hi all, this positive / negative result wont work out, I prefer a person who gain profit can give there contact details, a person who lost can suggest which trading is best

  8. My friend recommended this broker for me because their minimum acount size just $ 100 but has a good trading platform, not a lot of distractions and provide timely profit. After joining, I am very grateful to him for all that he was saying was proved right and my trading profits increased. I highly recommend this broker.

  9. I do not recommend this company! They didn’t reply to my e-mails nor return my calls.

  10. The platform seems so buggy today. Please update your platform! I didn’t enjoy trading with you anymore!

  11. The spread is too high. I know they are market maker but 3 pips on EUR/USD is too much knowing it is not fixed.

  12. I see many of the negatives, but I am very satisfied with Bforex, all my order were processed without any requote. Withdrawal is quick and easy.

  13. I’ve got not bad results using their platform. I’m new in FX trading, but I’ve no complaints about their platform. I’ve used both Profit and MT4 they offer. It took about 3 weeks to receive my first withdrawal of profit after having traded on a trading credit I received. It was directly wired to my Bank account. I had to submit all the compliance documentation they requested before they would wire the funds, but i think this is standard on all platforms.

  14. I’ve been recommended by one of my friends on a forum to try bforex. It turned to be one of the best I’ve come across. They send out a daily report with the trades. They also run very cool promotions.

  15. I joined Bforex broker through a 500 dollars bonus promotion they offered this spring. Well, I got a great experience of trading. Their platform had shown super results. Customer service is also good. Everything is up to my expectations, not going to change my broker in the nearest 2 years.

    • When you just open an account, you’ll probably be amazed with the speed of orders’ execution. But later you’ll notice that execution gets worth and worth. It’s the worst thing for a trader when he’s disabled to close a position in a moment he wants.

  16. The orders execution would take more time than usual…up to 15 secs. I, obviously, didn’t like it and they told me they would fix it, of course and they seemed to do so, though, from time to time it happens again.

  17. it seems that the customer support has no product knowledge because every time I asked them a very simple question, it takes time before I got an answer.

  18. A good broker, during 3 years of work all the time there were the correct quotes, and the new servers are very good

  19. BFOREX est une excellente entreprise … J’ai décidé d’investir avec eux, après que mon frère m’a convaincu, car il avait déjà eu du succès dans ses activités. J’ai commencé avec 500 dollars et aujourd’hui, j’en ai environ 1300.
    Facilité, clarté et fiabilité, c’est pour moi le meilleur courtier.

  20. Non ho mai investito in questa società, ho iniziato in questa società con 500 dollari, mi hanno preso il conto per guadagnare qualche dollaro ma non è servito a niente perché nel bilanciamento del conto rimango a 2400 dollari e in una speculazione che hanno fatto c’è stato un movimento della valuta di -3000 che ha portato il mio account a 0

  21. Une fois que vous déposez, vous devez abandonner l’argent car au début ils vous feront gagner de l’argent, mais dans moins de 3 mois vous serez sûr que non seulement vous perdrez tout, mais qu’ils vous feront déposer plus d’argent pour que Votre compte n’est pas censé fermer.
    Juste en disant que je suis vraiment désolé d’avoir contribué à cette déception, j’écris ce commentaire pour que vous puissiez savoir ce qu’il en est.

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