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  3. Personally, I have been fortunate to be with them, and like many clients I know of them, I am satisfied with the work they do.
    The advisors are experts and professionals. I consider that we do the experience, since when accessing the Forex market there is always a risk, but the most important thing is that there are very good benefits.
    It all depends on how we see the situations. In my opinion it is a good broker.

  4. ECN Forex brokers offer a significant number of advantages to investors, because they make trading more profitable. The companies that we present on this page are the best option for many users. First of all, the ECN brokers included in our classification offer their users direct access to the market. When you are trading through them, those who make the investments are other investors (banks, funds, and other brokers) that are connected to the Forex market and work with these types of accounts. In addition, ECN brokers ensure no “anti-scalping” and “not being caught by stops” to their users, as well as offering them minimum spreads.

  5. ECN brokers belong to the group of brokers “without an operating table” or NDD (acronym for Non Dealing Desk) which refers to those who only act as intermediaries and not as a counterpart to the operations of their own customers. The ENC broker looks for another participant that acts as a counterpart to the operations of its customers, in this way the purchase and sale orders are matched. If, for example, a customer requests to buy a currency pair, the ECN Broker looks for the seller that offers the best price and if the customer requests a sale, he looks for a buyer to complete the transaction.

  6. In general I am doing well with this broker, I operate through them in the long term and everything is going perfect. I have no complaints, just as something negative is that they hardly have support in Spanish

  7. In all my time, they have never been twisted and I appreciate the excellent services. Fixed spreads are not very good for me, but that is my only dispute because everything else is excellent.

  8. Unique functions, many assets in which to operate

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