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BTFX is one of the world’s fastest growing FX, commodity and exchange traded CFD service providers to retail and institutional customers.


BTFX is not happy by just keeping up with developments in the Forex world – we are always striving to create, develop and improve new solutions. This ethos is in our DNA. We aim to make Forex trading fairer and more professional and convenient for global traders.


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  1. Excellent option to invest in Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Indices, and Stocks

  2. Withdrawal sometimes with problems, maximum leverage 1: 200, minimum deposit $250. Not one of my favorites.

  3. “Sophisticated Technical Support System”. Direct technical assistance with remote desktop connection. You can’t contact them with live chat since they don’t have live chat support.

  4. Their support team is one of the best that I have ever seen.

  5. An array of efficient and reliable Trading platforms for traders to choose from, I am happy with them so far

  6. One quite positive aspect of this broker is that it can provide traders with the best possible margins with total transparency which leads us to make a good trade.

  7. The company is scam. They cheated investors with all the money. They are not returning the deposit amount. The company is closing down. Investors are facing huge losses. I hope people can recover their money. The company took all the deposits of investors. They are still collecting deposits. People should avoid investing in the company.

  8. While opening account with this company for trading the company assured that the deposit will be return in three months of trading. It’s been more than six months they have not returned my deposit money. They keep on promising that it will be returned soon. I am still waiting for the deposit money to be transferred to my account. I hope they will do return investors deposit money soon. I can not recommend them for now

  9. I heard that there has been a lot of changes with owners and management. What is the audited capitalization of this broker if anyones knows?

  10. Please help me. I am a very new trader, I am unable to download the Demo Trading platform. I don’t know if this issue is with my Browser or my Computer software but it is showing some error due to which I am unable to practice it in the demo trading account.

  11. The company has a good reputation in the market hence I traded with them. They are good with their payments methods and trading style but off lately they have been demanding extra fees for different things. It is really confusing. They keep on charging for services I do not use and when I pointed out with them they chose to ignore. They are behaving in an unprofessional manner. If this goes on then I will think of closing my account with them.

  12. So the reviews are relatively even, good and bad. It’s interesting.

    • Scam alert, please do not invest money on, they are big frauds.

      • And what on its foundations to laerate in this way? I am a 3 year trader with BTFX and I have done well. My complaints have been for some platform error but not for fraud.
        Just do not comment as if nothing, it seems that only wants to discredit them.

  13. BTFX ist ein Broker, der mehr mit institutionellen Kunden zusammenarbeitet. Wir verwenden ECN-Termine mit angepassten Differenzen und Basisprovisionen.
    Es ist wahr, dass wir in den letzten 2 Monaten einige Fehler mit den Zahlungsmethoden gemacht haben, jetzt ist alles geklärt, wir hatten ein Problem mit dem russischen Kunden RG, er hat den Fall hier in FPA geschrieben, aber jetzt beheben wir endlich den Zahlungsfehler. Das Geld wird an den Kunden geschickt und Sie können im Forum bestätigen, wenn Sie möchten! Der Fehler lag im kommerziellen Zahlungsdienst.
    Schauen Sie sich unser Unternehmen und seine Kritik an unserer Arbeit an, ich bin offen für die direkte Unterstützung aller Kunden in der Zukunft!

  14. Lamentablemente tuve un negocio con BTFX. Lo que puedo concluir es que son estafadores típicos.
    Mi número de cuenta con ellos es 15073 y lo han congelado por completo. Es habitual prometer que el retiro se realizará pronto o ya se ha realizado, pero no sucede nada. La primera solicitud se realizó a fines de enero, es marzo en este momento y aún no se devuelven mis fondos.

  15. Leurs conditions de négociation semblent bonnes, mais ceux qui sont dans les indices et les CFD en actions ne trouveront pas ces instruments avec BTFX

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