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IBroker Global Markets SV, SA was born in 2016, as a result of the spin-off from Auriga Global Investors SV, SA, of online brokers (born in 2008) and (launched in 2015), with the Objective of enhancing the online brokerage business of private clients in the listed and OTC derivatives and derivatives segments.

Our MISSION is to provide all our clients with a safe, simple and transparent financial intermediation experience.


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  1. I have been working with ClickTrade for 4 months and I have not had any problems with them, on the contrary I am happy with them. Commissions are low and customer service is perfect. ” The only inconvenience that this user found to ClickTrade is the fact that they can not personally put the buy and sell orders on the shares.

  2. For my experience I recommend having this broker as an option more when it comes to trading. They have a multiproduct platform, very competitive commissions and a very good commercial attention.

  3. Trader who works regularly with Interdin believes that, although ClickTrade’s rates are a little higher than Interdin’s, he is thinking of changing because his list of markets is quite complete controls virtually all, with quite a variety of products for which we are accustomed In the brokers we all know, R4, Interdin and the banks, as they have international CFDs and also cfd of indices.

  4. Very likely someone experienced, has criticisms about the system, and compares it with that of other competitors in unfavorable terms: “The platform nothing to do with ING, in fact is a program that must be installed on the computer”

  5. I have been quite easy the process of registration, with very good telephone attention for both the high and the installation process of the platform.

  6. The platform seems very easy and intuitive, and the telephone and email attention is good.

  7. An easy site to navigate around, with clear information and user friendly charts!

  8. I’ve not used the platform a lot but its been simple and effective

  9. ClickTrade has seemed to me an interesting broker and that should be valued, whether or not our operation is going to be Buy and Hold, or if you want to be a little more active.
    If you want a forex broker, there are cheaper ones, if you want a broker to operate normally in the American market, would open an account in an American broker, that there are cheaper, but if you want to focus on the domestic market and “Occasionally” trades in forex, with futures, with cfds or with international stocks, is a broker that offers you a good range of possibilities

  10. ClickTrade currently offers 2 trading accounts:
    – One on its powerful Click Global Trader platform with a minimum initial deposit of € 2,000. This account is based on personal assistance at all times. From the moment of the request a commercial of the company will contact you to advise you and help you throughout the process and any questions or queries during the management of your operations.
    – The other account is on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The minimum amount of the initial deposit is 200 € and the registration process is done online in practically less than 2 minutes.
    ClickTrade Demo Account:
    ClickTrade broker also provides you with a free demo account, with no obligations, with the same conditions as a real account but without putting your money in risk. ClickTrade demo account will be available for 20 days.

  11. ClickTrade is one of the most valued brokers by users, since it grants flexibility and independence and new innovative trading systems, specializing mainly in derivatives and in the stock market.

  12. One of the strengths of this Forex broker and CFD’s is that they do not charge commissions either to open trades or to close them. This is something that traders value very well because many other brokers do charge fees and for users whose investment strategies are based on the short term (doing many short-dated trades) is a very annoying thing.

  13. ClickTrade broker has become one of the main options of choice for the users due to its null commissions for stock trading, the strict regulation to which they are subject and its simple and manageable investment platform.

  14. I value positively that it is not necessary to make a minimum income to open the account, but with minis contracts, instead of micros, the minimum deposit to be able to operate moderately well, has to be 1,000 euros, thereafter.

  15. Good for me, it has been of good benefit.
    I like the platform and the staff are helpful.

  16. Extremely easy to trade with more information and options than any competitors.

  17. I’ve been looking at it these days too.

    For me, clicktrade negative things:

    – You can not have accounts in dollars, so you have to swallow with your change of currency at abusive costs.
    – They do not manage the W-8BEN so that US dividends have a lower tax.

    Saxobank has the best prices but it also does not manage the W-8BEN. Schwab if it manages and has competitive prices, at the moment it seems that is the one that convinces me the most.

  18. Clicktrade Advantages
    One of the favorite brokers of the Spanish public
    Wide range of products
    Possibility to open “mini” account with Metatrader 4
    No custody charges.

  19. Click Trade is one of the most important Spanish pure brokers with best prices on the market.

  20. Good broker, fantastic customer service!

  21. Para mi es el mejor broker que he utilizado. No tiene depósito mínimo
    Gran cantidad y variedad de productos. Sin comisiones de mantenimiento en acciones. Servicio Forex excelente con el uso de la liquidez de LMAX

  22. Je peux dire que c’est un excellent courtier, que vous souhaitiez négocier avec des dérivés ou directement avec des actifs, c’est une excellente option.

  23. Es ist ein Makler, der selbstbewusster sein kann. Ich habe es in der Vergangenheit benutzt und alles, was ich sagen kann, ist, dass der Service mit einer sehr persönlichen Aufmerksamkeit ausgezeichnet war.

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