CMC Markets –

CMC Markets –

  • Client Support
  • Spreads
  • Commissions
  • Markets
  • Platform
  • Access more than 10,000 underlying instruments
  • Guarantees from only 0.20%
  • CFD Commissions on European Market Shares from 0.06%, Commissions on CFDs on US and Canadian Equities from 2 cents per share
  • Fork in the CFD on Germany 30 from 1 point
  • CFD hairpin on the EURvsUSD pair from 0.7 pts
  • Advanced and professional platform


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  1. CMC Markets is a broker based in London, with a physical presence in 15 countries, including Spain. It is a broker regulated by the FSA and, of course, registered with the CNMV. They presume to be the pioneers in the world-wide implementation of the first platform of operation in Forex online, in real time, in 1996.

  2. I have been with CMCMARKETS for almost a year: they are creators of the market and manipulate the fixed prices [SIC] between several brokers at the same time you are going to flip there are many differences between CMC and the other brokers, beware of this broker: I have lost a lot With the manipulation of the price of this broker.

    • “ellos ganan (yo no creo que ejecuten las compras) y tú pierdes….de verdad, no tires tu dinero…nada de CFD´s ni cosas de estas…soy economista con muchos cursos hechos sobre bolsa, y esta gente se inventa el precio, y por lo tanto la diferencia y por ello el diferencial que te corresponde cobrar…no te metas.”

  3. I have found CMC markets in to be a great broker. Sheldon, Sales Traders at CMC is incredibly helpful in terms of advice, instituting information evenings, platform support and tutorial.

    Every year, CMC invites an influential trader, (e.g 2015, John Bollinger) to give a presentation, followed by a Q & A session, at no cost to it’s clients. How good is that?!

    For the serious trader, there is better analysis software for trading but in terms of a broker, I would highly recommend CMC.

  4. They look sophisticated but their service is rubbish. Also Trading times are limited! that’s the other silly thing, while most platforms have extended trading hours you will heavily loose a competitive edge with them. Especially if your a day trader.

  5. After being offered 250 USD bonus to open an account with CMC (apparently they wanted my business, a bit odd I thought ) I decided to give it a go. The first few days were profitable (1,000 USD), then I noticed unusual things happening, like screen freeze, prices going in opposite direction to the market and heading towards my stops, being regularly stopped out, the prices shooting back up, profitable trades being closed out below my take profit point.
    Within a few hours they had taken almost my profits away. But what really gave the game away (that they were operating a racket was when I saw their quotes going in opposite direction to the market and heading towards my stops)
    At that point a decided to close account.
    I was told that because they would be sending more money out than I paid into the account I needed to provided further bank details and it would take up to 5 days) Can you believe it!
    They received my funds within a day, but I now have to wait five days to get my 1,200 back

  6. I was called by CMC after registering on their website for a live account. The person I spoke with kept asked about the size of my fortune and claimed the registration form stated several millions of NOK. That was wrong I said and I also said I would only trade for a couple of ten-thousands anyhow.
    Directly after the call I got an email saying my application was rejected.

  7. Terrible slippage. Had positions open on several indices which were well into profit, such profit being protected by appropriate stop losses. Then Greek exit from Euro problems……..the positions were stopped out and instead of being in profit most of them went very south and I lost money! There is no point in a stop loss if it doesn’t work. Also fairly certain that running stops has occurred. The slippage problem is enough for me to re-consider using them……..there’s no guess work or further evidence required to reach a sound conclusion. Your money will always be at a high unknown risk if you cannot rely on the stops.

  8. I am a price action trader; I have just tried their demo and found out their spot price and chart are different from current market. They don’t even provide the Volume; implying that they’re manipulating spot price.
    No professional trader would use their platform and they are only targeting nerds who don’t know anything about the FX market.

    Seriously, those who are trading their money on their platform, you guys are gambling … trading only with indicators are gambling cos it only reflects the historical price movement; but above all, their spot price isn’t the same as really spot price.

    Good luck to those who’re enjoying trading on their platforms; I can only see you guys losing all you money eventually.

  9. Big Questions on CMC Markets based on my recent experience

    Wonder what CMC Markets is going to do with the swiss franc blowout? My stops were at 1.1995 and trades showed that i was exited at 1.1898 for a total loss of ($288). Next morning got an email that prices will be adjusted and they have done a wonderful price adjustment of an extra ($5,175) so bringing the total loss to ($5,463) with no notification of what price they drew from thin air.

    Even when i called the client services they could not tell me the price that was supposedly finally exited. I will fight them all the way since they would have suffered less than Ecms being a market maker.

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  11. I usually operate with CMC Markets and so far I have not had problems with them. I do not usually use stoploss which is the main headache of this type of brokers, so my opinion is not completely complete therefore. But today I am happy with them.

  12. I can tell you that it is a broker in which I have made considerable profits in the past and withdrew the money without the slightest problem.

  13. I have opened an account here, just for the interest. I’ll see how it works, and then I’ll put some money, maybe.

  14. Many instruments, but most of them are very rare for me. I am still studying!

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