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  • Our popular portfolio works on Android or iPhone, in addition to your web browser.


  • The vast majority of digital assets are stored in secure off-line storage.


  • The digital currency stored on our servers is covered by an insurance policy.


  • Keep full control of your private keys with our multi-signature safe.


  • Send and receive digital currency, and convert immediately to your local currency.


  • Invest slowly in bitcoins and ethereum over time with weekly or monthly shopping schedules.


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  1. coinbase overall good except low limits

    i first opened an account with because somebody referred me to it, but had no success with them. then i found out about coinbase, went on their website to open account they wanted to verify me by uploading an ID. took a pic of my ID with their helpful website but my laptop camera quality was not good so ID was rejected as unreadable so i downloaded their ap and uploaded my full UK driving licence through my phone and it was verified within 5 minutes unlike spectrocoin which will make you wait 3 business days for ID verification. so my account was active in 5 minutes. i was promised £100 deposit limit but it was actually £50 when i wanted to do my first deposit, the only drawback i suppose. its gone upto £60 after one day but its still too less. deposited funds through credit card and were available straight away. No issues at all.
    Coinbase Recommended

  2. Reviews off putting plus low limits

    The very low limit is a pain, expected £100 at first but got 50? Didn’t increase after first use like it said it would and now creeps up by £7 a day until it hits 49, I guess than I’ll be able to use my full limit again.
    So okay for small top ups when you find your slightly short for a transaction. My one experience wasn’t to bad but reading others, now glad the limit is low because don’t seem they can be trusted with large amounts.
    If the the review of someone having 12 BTC froze is true that’s very worrying because that’s a lot of money and freezing it is just the same as stealing it. Plus seems a lot of other customers don’t seem happy. Think I’ll be holding off on using them again until done more research on whether their a scam site or the reviews are from competitors? Hard to know with these sites that want to know everything about you and proof of it but you know nothing about them.

  3. Good site that’s easy and feel secure with extra validation steps. Unfortunately I was scammed out of money and they were unwilling to help. It seems like the sender should have some control if a fraudulent activity occurs

  4. So far so good.

    I’ve been using Coinbase for bitcoin and etheruem purchases for a few months now and everything has been clear and transparent. I haven’t need to contact the customer services so I can’t comment on that. But the website is well designed and information well presented. The uploading of ID documents was not perfect but ok. And the prices for buying seem significantly cheaper than eg Bittylicious – from my limited experience. I’m a beginner in cryptocurrency and using Coinbase has been helpful in getting started. So far I’d recommend them. I’m in the UK and my bank cards are 3D type so I had non the issues others have mentioned

  5. Good Website, Worst Customer Serivce

    I have been their customer for 4yrs now.

    Their website is fully featured and all the basic tools to deal with Bitcoin.

    If you have any question or problem, though, I’m afraid their CS is fully negligent. I have posed a very simple question (“Where do I find the transaction fee on my transactions”) months ago and still now I keep receiving an automated reply asking me if I still need their support without actually having ever received their reply to my initial question!

    They are genuine, what you see is what you get. You can try it out with small transactions. Don’t expect much help from their CS, thoguh.

  6. When I first made the first buy, Coinbase processed the transaction from bank quickly. I made a buy 10 days ago. I checked my Coinbase account today and Coinbase still saying that the money arrived yesterday but still said “Pending”. I contacted customer support through email multiple times and got no responses. If I don’t see my money in my coinbase account in two days, I’ll contact the general attorney office in California and ask it to help me resolving the matter and will not use it again

  7. too many security measures & problem with api

    1. to login to user account, you systematically have to check a message on your phone on top of your regular password and it is very annoying.

    2. coinbase uses cloudflare and it is a breach of security because there is an intermediary for every communications with coinbase. If they wanted cloudflare could spy every transactions and data exchanged between clients and coinbase. It is not serious.

    3. The callback from the API does not work for merchants who want to accept bitcoins. It means you have to confirm manually the reception of bitcoins and it is complicated.

    It was by the past a good payment gateway for bitcoin but now, it is not.

  8. Probably The Most Secure

    I used CoinBase once to deposit existing coins. It seems like a good exchange and possibly the most secure. However, the fees there seem a lot higher than other exchanges I have used; and the interface, though attractive, is not particularly clear or intuitive.

    Several traders I know also suggest that the company has engaged in a lot of bullying tactics

  9. One of the best

    I’ve used Coinbase a few times to buy bitcoins and never had any problems. Deposits are always added quickly to my account and bitcoin withdraws are instant. Very competitive on price too. Highly recommended.

  10. Excellent and quick service

    I managed find their site and to buy a bitcoin in less than one hour.

    All worked perfectly.

  11. Not always reliable but for the bitcoin industry one of the best companies out there

  12. Ho combattuto con Coinbase per 38 giorni, si scopre che dopo aver acquistato diversi ETH durante il controllo del mio conto bancario ho trovato diversi addebiti per queste transazioni duplicate, dopo aver visto questo apro un caso con il supporto Coinbase e invio loro le informazioni e gli estratti conto nel che puoi vedere chiaramente addebiti duplicati nel mio account, bloccano automaticamente il mio account e non mi danno alcuna spiegazione.

  13. Todo muy sencillo para hacer la primera compra. Recomendable usar su versión Coinbase PRO para ahorrarse las comisiones.

  14. Cela fonctionne correctement, les transferts sont effectués correctement et les efforts sont déployés dans un délai raisonnable. Les commissions pourraient améliorer

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