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So you can trade with no boundaries. DorsiaFX is lowering costs and spreads. Smashing spreads to the lowest. Going as low as fractions of pips on 4 majors down to 0.5 pip spread! & much more…

  • Very attractive spreads on currencies and precious metals, down to 0.5 pip on EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY.
  • Trading CFDs on a wide range of products: spot forex, spot precious metals, futures indices, and futures energies.
  • Islamic accounts with no extra charges and no time limitations for holding open positions.
  • Ability to choose the trading platform that suits your needs & expectations: MT4 or CITTrader. Easy-to-use trading platforms with distinguished features.
  • Continuous offers and personalized packages including a personal assistant for your account, different accounts types, bonus offers, introducing brokers programs with encouraging rebates, and more!
  • Various funding methods bank wire transfers and credit cards online funding.


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  1. I am new with Dorsia Fx and i am satisfied with their service till now. execution is fast.

  2. Not only is the execution really good. There is a very wide range of financial instruments for investment, forex market and metals. Particularly with the latter I have been able to earn a lot of money, in the first year I managed to earn 30% on my investment. Recommended!

  3. According to you in making money with metals. One of the best markets in which you can venture with Dorsia.
    The platform is excellent, I have always liked to operate with MT4, but I tried cTrader with Dorsia as my broker and it is excellent.
    The execution of orders is 1 second, super fast, has depth in the market and allows to create own indicators. Also I can trade different pairs, even some exotic ones. The trades are quite reliable 🙂

    • Yes, one of the great options of this broker is the option to choose between the best platforms. MetaTrader 4 and cTrader
      Surely they should be making adaptations for MT5

  4. Very good broker, fast execution. Its costs are not exaggerated, but offer a range of investment opportunities in Forex, CFDs, metals and energy.
    Good merchant assistance, education and customer support.
    I have not had any major problems with the platform.

  5. It really is a good broker, it has left me good profits.

  6. The best in CFDs trade in every way. Recommended!!!

    • With DorsiaFX, you will be able to invest in gold and silver and trade in CFDs over the counter with live quotes, and with low competitive spreads. With query options: Precious metals Specifications, Contract Sizes, Margin Requirements, Profit/ Loss Calculation.

  7. Any problem solved immediately, provide good support to the customer.

  8. Usan MT4 y eso hace que cualquier trader se adapte fácilmente a la operativa, los retiros son rápidos.

  9. Anyone use the TRADER cryptocurrency? Does this broker accept it? this cryptocurrency is making great expectations, his mining is free and easy, maintains his initial value, it allows to make funds transfers from one broker to another in a few seconds, completely optimal to work, I am using it and i love it, if you want to use it here I leave the wallet to download it:
    For Windows:!4GIHFS4K!W2JR251ul6t_kh6Vy7In3xQmlCl0gpNACJD56aQMTF8
    For Linux:!QaACGDoI!AWZFNNVLUC5w4JI6Zp-Hqj8ZacZPYv93gPtwJ-nkdyo

  10. What I like about this broker is that it has a support team that is always willing to help. This agent has relevant information on his website with a clear performance of all commissions according to the type of account. With all this internet scams, I recommend DorsiaFx.

  11. One of the few things about DorsiaFX, which is easy to believe, is support for accounts without exchange. This is a fairly common feature for brokers, who also want to accept Muslim customers.

  12. I have been using this brokerage for about 8 months, very friendly staff. I still haven’t found any problem, excellent for scalping.
    Great service, great commercial execution so far. The MT4 platform is super fast. The best I’ve used. All large and small orders were filled instantly without delay. They don’t have minimum SL / TP levels that work well for my scalping and the
    EA Forex trading with no minimum deposit, tight spreads of up to 1 pip, leverage of up to 1: 500 and unmatched Trading Point service.

  13. It is currently one of the best brokerage companies: opening an account with them is easy and fast and deposits are deposited instantly

  14. I love your price feed, spreads and support. Everything has been very fast and intuitive. I also love the ease of managing your online account from the website, this allows you to change your own leverage instantly.

  15. It is one of the best brokers and is recommended for automated trading. I have been investing with them since 2014. The easiest is the withdrawals of funds, which you receive in your bank account in 5 working days. I recommend investing in this trusted broker through the selected introduction brokers.

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