easy Markets – www.easymarkets.com

easy Markets – www.easymarkets.com

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easyMarkets is an online pioneer market maker established in 2001 initially under the trade name of “easy-forex”.

We enable traders with access to global markets, with an easy simple platform and the financial instruments to trade the markets you want, including FX, CFDs and vanilla options.

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  1. I love trading and everything about trading with eazy. Their change was a bit too much at the begining but I am now fully ok with new platform. Name changed to represent more products but no new products added. Great service, best trading conditions. Highly recomended for everyone.

  2. I am very pleased with using EasyMarkets and specially to get exellent service from my VIP contact person (Harris) who teached me a lot and all time give me good advise to succeed with my trading. Compared with other trading companies I am also very pleased with using EasyMarkets trading platform. It is easy to use and have all the information I need for my trading. The finance calender is very useful.

  3. Very good broker with good customer support i will recommend it. i have been trading for past 6 years and they never cease to impress me

  4. I’m treading with easy market from 3 years. I’m very happy that easy guys helped me out with treading. They are very good that I understand now how the indicator worked, which I didn’t used it and understand a lot before.
    Thank you easy forex.

    • Indicators are a good tool to make trade effective. I am satisfied with the tools of esymarkets and also with the customer support.

  5. From easymarkets what I have enjoyed the most is trading metals. Excellent spreads to operate always winning.
    More stars for easymarkets !!!

  6. Small occasional problems with the platform, but nothing serious.

    • Sometimes the platform collapses and does not allow me to close a trade, luckily I was online at the time and did not lose my money, but I could have lost. It is an error that must be corrected.

  7. It is not safe to trade with easy markets, they are cheating by keeping your money, they close your accounts without there being any way to recover it.

  8. I started trading with easy Markets, because this broker offers a wide variety of CFDs in stock market shares. I wanted to try to invest in stocks, but I wasn’t ready to open an account with the usual stockbroker, that’s why I decided to start with CFD.

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