EDM Inversion – www.edm.es

EDM Inversion – www.edm.es


EDM Inversión invests in a selection of Spanish companies, after an exhaustive fundamental analysis. The fund pursues the creation of value as a consequence of the progression of the benefit of the companies, focusing on the low exposure to the economic cycle and the visibility of results of the same, with long-term investment horizon.


EDM investment has achieved a performance far superior to that of the Ibex 35 since its launch in 1987, thanks to the traction of the profit of the companies in which it invests and the active management of the positions, in accordance with the expectations of growth and its valuation, Usually acting with a small number of companies. In this period the volatility of the fund has been lower than the market.

This is one of the Spanish stock exchange funds with the longest track record and managed with the same philosophy since its inception by Juan Grau. As of January 1, 2015 Ricardo Vidal and Alberto Fayos go to co-manage the fund with Juan Grau.

Website: http://www.edm.es

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