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ETX Capital’s main platform, designed by traders for traders, stands out for its ease of use, fluid execution and a wide range of possibilities to choose from, all presented in an elegant and modern way.

ETX TraderPro has the largest offer in number of products available and a complete team of added trading tools that give you access to the markets and allow you to analyze the data they generate from the same platform graphics.


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  1. Hello good day.
    Read This is very important.

    ETX Capital is a popular London based online trading service provider. They offer forex, spread betting, CFD and binary options services. With ETX Capital you can trade a wide variety of financial instruments including global shares, currencies, commodities, oil, metals, and indices.

  2. Certainly!

    ETX Capital were established in 2002 and have become a popular in the UK and have a very positive reputation (they are used by over 51,000 traders). This is largely because they do not charge any commissions on trades, they offer leverage up to 400:1, have no fees on deposits or withdrawals (on certain deposit/withdrawal methods) and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

    • did you know that; ETX Capital offer tight spreads from as low as 0.7 pips for major forex pairs and multiple platforms to suit each trader

  3. It’s easy to start trading with ETX Capital with their hassle free sign up process, wide variety of funding options including credit cards, wire transfers and online bank transfers coupled with their low minimum deposit amount of $100.

  4. ETX Capital’s TraderPro platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use. As an established spread betting broker.

  5. ETX Capital have virtually all of the features that you’d expect from a professional-grade trading platform.

  6. Of course i agree Omar..
    ETX Capital is known for their wide range of financial instruments with very low spreads on a highly customisable trading platform available in over a dozen languages.


    • You’re right Samantha, one of her pros is.
      – It is a site with a very user friendly platform
      – Benefits from the financial market experience of their parent company
      – Sign up bonus must be requested and is totally optional
      – Demo account is available
      – Generous sign up bonuses
      – Uses the popular SpotOption software to build the trading platform
      – Low minimum investment of $10
      – High return on investments; as much as 85%

  8. It will be true that your Cons:
    – Cannot be traded on by US traders

  9. Hello .. My opinion, ETX Capital makes trading as easy and flexible as possible, eliminating the minimum deposit required by many other brokers, to ensure traders with all budgets can operate comfortably. Likewise, it offers a wide range of marketable instruments such as stocks, indices, currency pairs, commodities, bonds and interest rate futures.

  10. I will talk about my experience, I have been an ETX customer for the past 3 years and had not had any problems working in swing or long term. The problem has come from working with EAs in mt4 since in the week of November 23 to 27, 2015 4 of the 5 days there have been cuts in their servers and some of them quite prolonged causing me losses of 25% of my capital By not closing or opening my positions as they should. The company does not take care of these losses in spite of being for fault attributable exclusively to them (I work with other brokers who have not had any problems this same period) so, obviously, I have decided to close my account with them.
    To all who consider working with them in mt4 with EAs not to be carried away by the good spreads they offer since in case of failures like the one I have described, they wash their hands.
    The best: Spreads adjusted and good platform to operate
    The worst: When there are problems do not give solutions, just ask forgiveness and make excuses

  11. Alejandro..

    It depends on which other brokers you recommend, I have been digging a lot during this last week, I have discarded to the middle of brokers that recommend the majority of the people … and everything has been by: loose regulations, I do not count with the minimum to open the account, or Due to problems with the same broker in making withdrawals or in your case, and one that I saw, are not responsible for the movement that may be in the price even if it is a feed problem or similar cases in which it has not been a problem in the market. I would be grateful if you could comment on any of them so I could have more options to choose from.

  12. I tell you that I have been with ETX Capital for two and a half years and I use their own platform and MT4. They are the fastest running I know and I have eight accounts open in CFDs and FX brokers

  13. Well I carry with them very little time in ETX CAPITAL and I like it but I do not know if the rest is happy with them too.

  14. I think the MT4 platform is the most used within the financial trading circle. The main reasons for its popularity are due to the fact that the platform MT4 is highly customizable and comes equipped with a wide range of sophisticated tools, ideal for a complete technical analysis as well as for the elaboration of graphs.

  15. One of the benefits of trading through EXT Capital is that they can access a wide variety of markets. Apart from the Forex Spot, traders can also trade in Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Bonds and Interest Rates. If it were not enough, you can also negotiate with Quoted Funds (ETFs).

  16. Very easy to use platform.

  17. Excellent client service.

  18. I think it’s a great platform and the service is always good. I’ve been on the TraderPro platform for about 9 months and had no problems so far. Really good range of markets particularly as my interest is individual stocks as well as indices, fx pairs etc. The mobile app has also suddenly become a lot lot better and is now a really good trading app. Very honest broker in my opinion.

  19. Good execution, fast withdrawals and good customer service.

  20. Brilliant company to work with along with great colleagues who are always helpful.

  21. Have not traded for a while. Found an email in my junk email over Christmas saying I would be charged for having a dormant account. Emailed to say I was about to start trading please don’t charge me and next day found $25 taken from my account by ETX. I will now close my account and use a new broker. This is theft. Don’t touch ETX, they will take your money for no good reason. Writing to the Financial Ombudsman. This is very sharp practice.

  22. My Account was terminated with no explanation even though my legal document was accepted and my account was activated. I believe this is due to me being an Egyptian Muslim.

  23. App is easy to use, good trading platform.

  24. Good service and great education channels.

  25. Hi,
    I am very pleased with the efficiency of the whole platform, it seems to run like clockwork – someone must be working hard in the back ground.
    Also I enjoy the further education syllabus and its flexibility to join in when you can or need to, and, of course, the content is first class.
    For me, everything is fine and access to customer services works well.

  26. I like the new features of the app, though it seems there still a lot to improve but it’s definitely so much better than the old one.

  27. They do not just want to attract traders but they really like to enhance or improve the traders skills by offering them good webinars. And form my view that is very important.

  28. An excellent service for a beginner like me.

  29. Your webinars are constructed well, follow a logic order & helps to educate me on how to develop & understand trading markets.

    The TraderPro platform is user friendly & intuitive. Your Customer Service staff are also knowledgeable & friendly.

  30. The trading platform didn’t allow me to set a “Stop Loss” so I am not inclined to use ETX anymore. Your money withdrawal conditions are too restrictive. The minimum withdrawal amount of £100 and that only 5 times a month (if it is to be free of charge) doesn’t look too inviting at all. Your competitors e.g CMC allow any amount to be withdrawn as many times as one desires per month. So if you can please delete me from your database and close down my Live Account that I hold with you.

  31. Asking for a review at a time when spread betting firms are under regulatory scrutiny is appropriate. I’ve made a deposit, opened up an MT4 trading platform, and have heard very little since. Given that the vast majority of traders lose money, the support and risk warnings have been sparse, although I am receiving emails with webinars each week. All new clients should be given more support when they join and enough warning to understand how risky this type of trading is

  32. I love the trading plalform ,the tradepro ,Mt4,and binary they or excellent

  33. Ease of use of the platform, understanding each screen and execution of trades.

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  35. So far the best results in spread and big plus for zero exchanges!

  36. ETX Capital is a broker that has great experience in the market, for this reason, it is very well valued by users, in addition to that, there are also many traders who use the services offered to carry out their operations.

  37. I immediately realized that I should not rush into Forex, I will not become a millionaire for a year, therefore, I chose the broker slowly, and many companies tested it. I also opened accounts with little-known brokers, where there are fewer spreads, but, in the end, I chose ETX Capital.

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