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Fidelity Investments-

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  • Planning and advice
  • From complex wealth management to your retirement needs, we can help you with financial planning.
    Straightforward pricing
  • With low minimums, no annual account fees, and competitive prices, we can help your money go further.
    Robust investing tools
  • Get easy-to-use tools and the latest professional insights from our team of specialists.


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  1. I worked at Fidelity Investments (More than a year)
    Great company with lots of opportunity for advancement and career changes with god benefits, and good pay. I worked at the company for over 10 years and learned a lot about retail and B2B investments. Have a few FINRA licenses (24,65, 63, 7, 31, and Insurance) and was working towards my CFP that was supported and sponsored. There are also lots of internal and OTJ trainings. Plenty of great people and some pretty awes…
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    Super lager company so you could feel like just another worker and that your voice doesn’t count. At times the hiring process when moving between roles can be a bit monotonous (in that it’s a hurry up to wait months situation). Overall it’s a very dynamic culture and constantly changing so if change is not what you like this probably isn’t for you.
    Advice to Management
    Keep up the good work, continue to involve the employee and try and be more transparent with future plans as well as potential institutional clients
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  2. Excellent Company with a great culture of innovation. Company has a vested interest in treating employees with respect and offering many opportunities to do new things around the company

  3. CommentStarted my professional career in Fidelity Investments and enjoyed the whole time working there. Its a great place to work.

  4. Working at Fidelity is fun
    I learned alot about Team work
    Excellent management
    The workplace is friendly
    The most enjoyable part of the job is peer Challenge

  5. Fidelity truly puts the customer first, although my position can be quite hectic at times, the culture and the employees at fidelity are top class. I have not only learned a substantial amount about financial services, but also their sales training has been a great benefit.

  6. Great place to work, looking forward to be part of Fidelity Investments once again.
    Work culture is best an employee could have. Awesome facilities and management.

  7. Great company to work for. It is hard to believe that I have worked for them for over 2 years. The benefits are great and there are a lot of job opportunities within the company.

  8. Working at Fidelity is a bit demanding but the class of people you work with is top notch. Work Life balance is something that will vary from group to group.

  9. It is a good work environment. The people are good, the atmosphere is good, the management is knowledgeable. A fine place to work, for the financial sector.

  10. So far my experience with Fidelity has been great. The work life is really balanced. People are very helpful and the culture is awesome.

    I have learnt some new QA methods and have adopted the same in my daily work.
    I learnt to work on the Mainframe and it has been really enjoyable and fun.

  11. Fidelity is the kind of company that works hard to make sure that its employees feel supported and well-equipped to handle what they experience in their work day.

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  13. Fidelity offers low commercial commissions of $ 4.95, a selection of more than 3,700 mutual funds without a transaction fee, and top-notch commercial research and platform tools. Its zero-rate indexed funds and its strong reputation for customer service are the icing on the cake. In general, it is one of the most complete brokers available today.

  14. Excellent commercial executions. The investigation of publicly traded funds (ETF) is detailed. Access to Active Trader Pro for all customers. The rates are low and easy to understand.

  15. Low commissions Wide selection of research providers. Strong customer service.

  16. Good runner Fast, and win gives. I answer more than that.

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