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Forex Joe offers immediate access to the tools of the trade: Prices on stocks, Sectors, Indexes, Currencies, Commodities and Interest rates.

  • CFD information: A contract for difference (also known as CFD) is a contract between two parties: buyer and seller, specifying that the seller will pay to the buyer…
  • Basics and Facts: Advantages of stocks and mutual funds combined. Lower fees** (ordinary brokerage commissions apply).
  • Overnight positions: If you carry a Share CFD position overnight, it will cause a financing cost or benefit. Finance costs/benefits will be on 100% of the value of your exposure.
  • Order Types: Orders are trading tools that help the trader to fully or partially open, close, or amend positions.
  • Equities Trading: As with traditional share dealing, CFD prices are quoted as a Bid. With CFD trading you buy a CFD based on a certain amount of the underlying asset.
  • ETF Trading Examples: With CFD trading you buy a CFD based on a certain amount of the underlying asset.

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  1. Great platform, I recommend, I did not have any kind of problem, on the contrary.

  2. Excellent broker, I can not say anything negative, I like everything and I’ve never had problems. And the customer service team is very cordial and fast.

  3. I like the platform, the operations are fast, there are no seconds of loss.

  4. Good broker, great conditions.

  5. Very good, used for many months, no issues, honest also.

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  7. Is a broker with whom I operate long ago. During all that time I have worked with them I have seen that the service is excellent

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