FX Joe www.fxjoe.com

FX Joe www.fxjoe.com


Broker Forex, Cfds.

Website: www.fxjoe.com

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  2. It has some of the best differentials, if not the best, of all Forex retail brokers.
    Some landslides lately due to server overloads, as it has been a victim of its own success, but updates in early July / late August promise to address this problem.

  3. Very good broker. I do all my operations with CFD through them because they are DMA. Most of the other professionals I know use them too.

  4. The broker as a whole is not bad, but every time I replenish my account or withdraw earnings, the next day there will be a call from the manager with bonus program offers, I don’t like this.

  5. There are many commercial tools, good analytics.

  6. Good online platform

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