FX Mac – www.forexmanagedaccounts-fxmac.com

FX Mac – www.forexmanagedaccounts-fxmac.com

Experts investors know that only less than the 1% of the performances offered in the websites of online managed account services are steady and trustful.


FxMAC is one of the 1% of companies that are completely transparent, showing the performance online verified by independent audit companies as the well known MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT, in order investors can see online a complete trustful review of the different strategies we offer.

Since 2012, we have reached the goal of giving to the retail and institutional investors a way to connect with the widest online offer of asset manager groups with the really highest level of steady verified performances.

We have made it easy to investors comparing our great trading programs in order to diversify their funds. In this way they can combine the best wide offer of steady, profitable, intraday long term strategies of the online market offer of managed accounts services.

Our company is focused in middle and large investors that look for steady trustful conservative and profitable programs controlled personally by professional asset managers.

FxMAC offers only email support to apply for having Forex Managed Accounts with us. Our company has added, also, an extra service for PREMIUM investors that they already have realized big enough investments (300k+) in order to have personal physical meetings in the commercial office of the company and also direct telephone support.

Website: http://www.forexmanagedaccounts-fxmac.com

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