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We undergo regular IT security and financial audits. In addition, 98% of customer digital assets are stored entirely offline. For more information visit our security page.



Our investors include the New York Stock Exchange, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, and more.



All digital assets held in online storage are fully insured. All USD balances are covered by FDIC insurance, up to a maximum of $250,000 per customer.



The leading digital asset exchange company, Coinbase has raised more than $116M from top tier investors and is the largest retail digital currency exchange platform in the world.


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  1. Good site that’s easy and feel secure with extra validation steps. Unfortunately I was scammed out of money and they were unwilling to help. It seems like the sender should have some control if a fraudulent activity occurs.

  2. You have more chances to get bitcoin by burning you cash than via Gdax.

    12 BTC held for 35 days now.
    No support.
    Filled 3 complaints and waiting.

  3. I’ve been using Gdax for bitcoin and etheruem purchases for a few months now and everything has been clear and transparent. I haven’t need to contact the customer services so I can’t comment on that. But the website is well designed and information well presented. The uploading of ID documents was not perfect but ok. And the prices for buying seem significantly cheaper than eg Bittylicious – from my limited experience. I’m a beginner in cryptocurrency and using Gdax has been helpful in getting started. So far I’d recommend them. I’m in the UK and my bank cards are 3D type so I had non the issues others have mentioned.

  4. I tell you my experience.

    When I first made the first buy, Gdax processed the transaction from bank quickly. I made a buy 10 days ago. I checked my Gdax account today and Gdax still saying that the money arrived yesterday but still said “Pending”. I contacted customer support through email multiple times and got no responses. If I don’t see my money in my Gdax account in two days, I’ll contact the general attorney office in California and ask it to help me resolving the matter and will not use it again.

  5. Everyone knows their support is bad. Obviously they are a growing company so understandable. Hopefully in the future they can charge at least a fee to get support.

  6. I’ve bought, sold and traded bitcoin through Coinbase and their trading engine GDAX with absolutely no hiccups. The service is reliable and I have never seen it go down whilst I’ve been watching the market and making small and large trades. Their GDAX system has allowed me to easily recoup from silly trades I made as a newcomer. Buy low, sell high. Catch the waves then cash out. Simple. Coinbase GDAX is one easy place to make some profit too. Love it

  7. World most trusted wallet I guess.

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  9. While it is true that there have been frauds in the cryptocurrency trading market, we believe that working with GDAX there is nothing to fear. It is a well built platform with the support of a company like Coinbase with great experience in everything that concerns the bitcoin world.

  10. I certainly don’t think it’s a fraud. Company well known and with a good service also improves progressively.

  11. I recommend that you use it to perform your operations, since it guarantees good services and quality tools and also has the best security measures.

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