GVC Gaesco – www.grupo.gvcgaesco.es

GVC Gaesco – www.grupo.gvcgaesco.es


GVC Gaesco’s vocation is the service: to offer the customer the product most suited to their needs, ensuring compliance with the principles of loyalty, transparency, speed and efficiency.


GVC Gaesco Emergentfond FI

It is an international equity investment fund that invests in emerging countries via IIC, will always have a minimum of 85% in equity securities of emerging territories. This fund has a very high risk profile, has a valuation of 2 stars of morningstar and its profitability in 2016 was 8.56%.

Bonn-Income FI

It is an international mixed income fund, at most it will invest 75% in equities and at least 25% in fixed income. Its risk profile is very high, it has a valuation of three-star morningstar and its profitability in 2016 was 7.20%.

Website: http://www.grupo.gvcgaesco.es/

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