IC Markets – www.icmarkets.com

IC Markets – www.icmarkets.com

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IC Markets is one of the world’s true ECN Forex brokers…

offering trading solutions for active day traders and resellers as well as traders who are new to the forex market. IC Markets offers its customers cutting edge trading platforms, low latency connectivity and superior liquidity.

Online traders are now able to gain access to prices and liquidity previously only available to investment banks and individuals with high net worth.

Website: https://www.icmarkets.com/

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  1. One of my favorites, especially because the support and attention is very good, also has a formative educational platform to great advantage.

    • Excellent, definitely one of the best.

    • I agree, icmarkets is one of the best qualified brokers in the world. Properly regulated and responsible. Recommended!

  2. Versatile, practical and very complete. I like this broker.

  3. La plataforma es una mierda, más vale hagan algo con ello. Retiré mis fondos y cerraré mi cuenta.

  4. In his time it was good, after taking fame and being known happened to be shit. The spreads they offer are not good, their platform, support system, and the pairs it offers are quite limited. It is not what I expect from a broker, therefore I will never invest in it.

  5. IC Market is so far away from its competition that sometimes they should feel alone! Without a doubt the most transparent broker that exists. Ask any other broker to provide you with a receipt from the bank that performed your operation and see how it goes. If you find a more honest and useful broker, be sure to publish your discovery; I won’t hold my breath waiting!

  6. Icmarkets has been a great broker for me so far, fast execution and love for true technology. I would totally recommend this broker if you are a reseller merchant.

  7. I have been trading with them for 2 years without problems.
    The site, withdraw or deposit is simple and works all the time.
    The support is also excellent.
    By far the best broker I’ve traded with.

  8. Excellent customer service, deposit and withdrawal are easy and hassle free. Thanks to you IC Markets. I will continue to use it for years.

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