IG – www.ig.com

IG – www.ig.com

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Why IG
By opening an account with GI, it is based on a leading company that has been giving life to the trade since 1974


  • 40 years of experience
  • Access to more than 12,000 markets
  • Reviews and reports from our experts
  • Innovative and powerful trading platforms and tools
  • Reducing margins and competitive costs
  • Free training and constant customer support

Website https://www.ig.com

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  1. One of the biggest brokers in the world. A reliable company with a spectacular underlying offer.

  2. IG Markets is a reliable CFDs broker and binary options!

  3. Excellent! It is registered in the FCA and the CNMV, this makes it a safe broker. Its underlying asset offering in CFDs is good, and that of binary options is a good complement.

  4. A good supply of leveraged investment products for all those investors who want to have access to international investment assets without paying the high commissions that most brokers demand for investment in stocks and ETFs.

    • Agree! Good broker!

  5. As points in your favor, you have the variety of underlying assets you can work on, indices, values, foreign exchange, commodities, etc …. And the hairpin they charge I think is quite reasonable. By contrast I would comment on two things that should improve … one is the charts, I do not know which provider they use, but the data has some flaws, and another thing that should improve is the extracts, at least for those of us who work the Forex. The customer service is in Spanish even if they are English

  6. Hello friends, I wanted to ask for those who have IG account, what is the maximum leverage that there is for Bitcoin. Thank you

    • Hello Carlos, as I understand you, they require a margin of 7.5% that will allow you a leverage of 1: 1.1333 or 13 times the money you actually have.

  7. Hello people, I recently spoke on the phone with an IG employee and good summing up I can not activate the account because I do not have enough equity, there is no money. I have been able to open accounts in all the brokers except in this one and I asked that because … It says that being a product leveraged to me they are lending me a lot of money, and that if there were a bankruptcy or anything, those hundreds of thousands of Euros leveraged then they would stay in debt … WHAT A FUCK !! ?? But to have … Does anyone operate thinking about that? Is it really easy for something like this to happen? I operate intraday and the truth more difficult even if it happened to me …. The case is, I have been left with the security doubt on the money issue, because I have the option to have my mother support me or just open An account in his name. What I did not just catch this case of leverage well explained, is why they say that you can lose more than what was deposited?

    • Of course you can lose, another thing is that the brokers directly shut the operation but in cases that happen high gaps, you can owe money to the broker if you do not cover the losses with the guarantees, another thing is that in most cases the Brokers and do not claim the money because it is usually short because they cut losses fast, but it is possible that they are cured in health and do not want customers who can not respond with their assets for those losses that could go by operating leveraged (although it is unlikely, not impossible)

  8. I’m not sure about the only accounts that pfrece IG. There are only 2 types of IG trading accounts – a standard account for common traders and a premium account for large investment clients. The standard account has a minimum trade of $ 1 and the maximum per option is $ 300.

    • Yes, but there is a wide range of investment instruments that the operator can choose from in IG. Traders can trade with more than 10,000 markets around the world. Their differentials are the same for CFDs and Spread Betting, except when dealing with stocks. Stock CFDs directly reflect the underlying market price and are subject to a fee. Share Spreads are commission free, but are subject to a margin over the opening and closing price. However, the total cost is virtually the same for Share Spread and CFDs.

    • IG is one of the brokers offering 100 currency pairs.

  9. It is a broker that offers quite competitive spreads indices on the market. Definitely if you want to trade CFDs you should be with them.

    • The global indices have very low ranks and high leverage. That makes it interesting 🙂

  10. To say something different, fast and safe withdrawal.

  11. The website as such is friendly and fast running, while opening a account takes just a minute. It offers multiple trading options.

  12. As a negative point it is a little disappointing that there is only one account available for most traders, however, to make up for a bit by providing different platforms for both beginner and advanced traders.

  13. I like, I have worked very well with this broker.

  14. When I handled the demo of IG I was alarmed to see in the charts of various Spanish shares, skyward, (which did not correspond with real prices). They reassured me that they were grappling errors.

    As for the Indexes, I thought that if I ever invested in any of them, I would use those based on a future, not those of the future. It is very easy to justify for them any crazy movements in one of their counts, outside the market hours.
    Even if it were only for psychological reasons, it is essential to have confidence in the platform that is used. I’ve already seen details more than enough to make me suspicious of IG Marquets.

    I do not recommend it.

  15. One of the things worth emphasizing in this review is the comprehensive customer service section, which includes a wide range of help topics, as well as questions and answers. In addition, their support is available 24/5 through chat, email and telephone. Assistance can also be accessed through Facebook and Twitter.

  16. I really have not tried this broker, but I’m sure there are better options than this.

  17. With IG Markets you can never win anything, I have had account with IG Markets and I have proven it now I am denouncing them through CNMV and the corresponding court. They close in band and do not give you explanations when you have open positions has long for example and raises the price above which you bought several points that you should be winning for example 200 0 300 euros you still lose 40 0 50 euros you can never sell with Gain and when the price goes down they open the ring and you lose everything in a moment.

  18. Usually the majority of people who complain about the broker in the forums do it for the following reasons (they are ordered from mayor a less likely to happen):

    1. because the customer does not know how to do the calculations correctly, in addition to not having read the instructions that shows the cheapest fashion more or less clear or confuse and do not ask before it is understood.

    2. Because it has interests for the environment, it works for others. There are a lot of those here.

    3. because it is a profiteer, from those who cling to the bad reputation of financial institutions, the clauses and small details to get the slice and that they return to the paste legitimately lost Collarín at the trial)

    4. Because the broker is, like most companies, advocate their interests and do everything possible to avoid losing money by an incidence.

    5. because the broker is a swindler and his only job is to steal people.

    6. because an ex-couple in disgust hired a runner to make life impossible.

  19. Hello
    I really like the platform of IG Markets, I am a year and a half with them and in this time they have played me twice.
    1. I placed a purchase order on CFDs shares and they execute sell.
    2. I was also executed buying an operation without me indicating, (clear that value down) I almost lost, less badly than they did when I had the platform open and I was computer front.

    So I decided to cancel the account.

  20. I read the bad experiences of many, but I have done well, without problems until now. IG has not kept my money or made me bad plays in the two years I’ve been with them so I can recommend it.

    • I’m surprised to see some of the complaints. I have worked with them without any kind of problem.

  21. From my point of view IG does not seem to me a broker especially recommended for beginner traders. It is mainly focused on traders with some experience or professionals. That might explain the losses of some newbies.

  22. I do not particularly trust binary option brokers.

  23. Summary:
    Advantages of IG Markets:
    -The largest and widest variety of markets in the sector.
    -Financial security and strong regulation with office in Spain and several countries in the world.
    -Great reputation in the sector
    -Excellent for professional operators with direct market access (DMA)

    Disadvantages of IG Markets:

    -Quite high minimum contracts.
    -Broker not suitable for small accounts due to the previous point

  24. It has an FCA regulation, rarely involve these broker regulated cases of thymus. Also the platform is good and the trading options are also good.
    I recommend it!

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  26. With IG Markets we will operate CFDs at the highest level and with one of the best varieties of platforms and tools on the market, in one of the flagship brokers in the sector.

  27. An excellent broker, one of the best, without a doubt. You can trade Forex, binary options, Bitcoin, Futures, and so on to infinity and beyond. The only bad thing about this broker is the spreads, which casually rise during the important economic news.

  28. An excellent broker for professional traders. My experience with them is good, from technical support (in Spanish) to retreats (the next day in skrill).

  29. What I like most about this broker are the spreads and the large number of underlying assets with which we can operate (raw materials, currencies, securities, indices …). Its platform is very improvable, especially the graphics since sometimes the data provided has certain failures. Something positive is also its support in Spanish, very good!

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