JFD Brokers – www.jfdbrokers.com

JFD Brokers – www.jfdbrokers.com

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  • Pure Agency Model German engineered
  • Full Transparency 100% DMA/STP Execution
  • Client Centric 1 Account type for ALL
  • 7 asset classes 500+ Symbols
  • Tight Spreads 0.2 EUR/USD avg.

Website: https://www.jfdbrokers.com/en/

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  1. Good experience. It may not be as well known as some others on this list, but it is a legit broker.

  2. This is a very good runner. Fast market stability, speed of execution and very good dissemination.

  3. My recommendation is to stay as far as possible from this corridor. Clearly, there is some algorithm that runs in higher leverage positions and the preliminary condition for it to be executed is an open MT4 platform.

  4. Great corridor, transparency, low cost commission and very low differential in the majors. Fully regulated (FCA, ACP Banque de France, BaFIN, CySEC).

  5. FD Brokers is today one of the only (if not the only) Forex and CFD brokers that offers a level of transparency that goes beyond a commercial or marketing argument. By applying Post-Trading Transparency (Mifid) to the letter, JFD Brokers can now edit an execution report for each of its operations so you know which bank has executed your transaction.
    Paying only on the basis of commissions, JFD Brokers is not regulated to have the right to enter the market!
    Just take a little of your time to try this runner, you will be surprised!

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