LCG London Capital Group –

LCG London Capital Group –

  • Client Support
  • Spreads
  • Commissions
  • Markets
  • Platform
  • Authorised and Regulated by the FCA and listed on the LSE
  • Over 5000 trading instruments available
  • Highly competitive pricing across 7 asset classes
  • Timely market analysis and research from our team of experts


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  1. This broker has incredible features:
    * Proprietary trading operation began in 1996 in London
    * Regulated and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
    * Holding company is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange with a market cap of roughly £20 million
    * Asset choices range from major and minor currency pairs (39) to indices (12) and commodities (15)
    * Spread/Commission pricing structure rivals the lowest in town LCG low commission charges are included in the FX spreads and there are no hidden fees
    * Promotional welcome bonus of 10% up to $5,000 with a $3 credit to funds available for withdrawal with each trade that follows
    * Pip spread on majors; from 0.6 pips
    * Leverage varies by asset type: Forex – 300:1; Indices – 100 to 40:1; Commodities – 100 to 50:1
    * Metatrader4 trading platform supports desktop and mobile access
    * ECN/STP processor for swift order execution and tight spreads
    * One account classification that comes with a free demo account
    * Daily emails with market commentary and analysis prepare for each trading day’s action
    * Customer service reps are available 24X7 while trading markets are open.

    • I see that there is good leverage, there is no deception in the commissions and enjoys some prestige. Definitely a broker I want to try.

    • Yes, and the execution is fast. LCG is in my top 5 of the best brokers.

  2. This is one of the most prestigious and old brokers of CFDs and Forex.
    As for the conditions, this is a broker of the most serious of the market and that offers some very good trading conditions, although not sea in the typical ECN model.

    The biggest but of LCG is that the conditions are designed for the more or less large accounts, since a difference of many other brokers, does not offer contracts of 0.01 minilotes, but the minimum size of forex is of 10,000 units. This is most clearly seen in other instruments, where trading conditions are similar to the original futures, only for large accounts.
    For example, the DAX contract of EUR 10 per point equals a contract of more than EUR 100,000 today, something that can not operate all over the world.
    Moreover, one of the most serious options when it comes to trading in derivatives markets of Forex and CFDs today.

    • Yes, well, it’s a good thing for big accounts. I think LCG is only for the big accounts in Forex. You can not make small contracts.

      • Perhaps because in its target brokers are those who seriously trade higher amounts and operations with large lots.

    • It is selective, it is not a broker for everyone.

      • I agree, LCG has some prestige in the sector.

  3. The tranding commissions are good, good costs too.

  4. It is a corridor regulated by the FCA, good costs, excellent platform and customer service and has some exclusivity. What more could you want!

  5. Hello Everyone.

    London Capital Group is the worst broker i have ever traded with. I opened up a account with them couple of weeks ago and fortunatly i decided to test them before i deposit huge amount of money. I started the account with around 8k and one of the guy i know started with 100k. On first of october 2015 ( 5 days ago) LCG widened the spread 112 pips ( i don’t think any other broker will ever do to you no matter how volatile the market is ) and i lost 40% of my account. My strategy had nothing to do with it, We calculate the risk always and we had same price orders with other brokers same market conditions and same time but we made profit with them. The guy who started with 100k also lost more than 30k and the other client i know lost 75% of his account.

    I can provide proof and if any of you are thinking to trade with LCG please make sure you read it. 112 pips spread is unacceptable, They stole our money and not helping any of their clients other than telling them that they received that price to fill the orders.

    So we lose our hard earned money and their answer is that its disappointing but we will have to accept it.

    So does that mean that if spread goes to 1000 they will fill our orders blow up our account and tell us its disappointing but we will have to accept it ?

    firstly who will widen the spread to more than 100 pips ? Well LCG did.

    • Well I have reviewed the web and there is no such case of 100 pips. I think you’re just trying to discredit them. My experience with them is quite good.

  6. As can be seen from London Capital Group review, this Forex broker is one of the solid FX providers that has been in the market for more than 20 years. It provides you with good support and reliable trading platforms. Additionally, it does not have minimum deposit amount, so even if you decide to start trading with 100 GBP, you can choose this broker. For all its positive sides.

  7. Excellent broker! Recommended 100%

  8. This broker is excellent because it allows me to venture into the Forex market with more than 60 pairs. I can trade in the main stock indexes worldwide like UK, USA; Spain, Japan, Germany, Australia among others with spot and futures contracts.
    It also trades in gold, silver, raw materials and energy.
    One of my favorites!

  9. <3 any strategy is allowed, that makes it perfect.

  10. I have worked with this broker and recommend it. Especially for those traders who have a little more experience in the field.

  11. My money has multiplied well with this broker. As it allows a wide range of trading strategies I can apply new and known in various greedy stock markets.

    • I recommend it, especially if the strategies are used to trade in silver and oil. The silver market is pretty good.

    • Thanks! This multiplied money is a good contribution. I think I will trade with this broker.

  12. A reliable broker, good choice for experienced traders and great ambitions

  13. Hi all! I have a question.
    How does leverage work for this broker?

    • Hi Damian!
      Maximum leverage is 1: 300
      You can contribute small amounts of capital and obtain the effect of operating with much higher amounts.

    • The maximum available leverage ranges from 1: 300 for currencies, 1: 100 or 1:40 for indices and 1: 100 or 1:50 for commodities.

  14. Here is some more information about LCG:
    The online broker London Capital Group or LGC is a UK registered company, 100% owned by London Capital Group Holdings PLC (LCGH plc). The company was founded in 1996, so it has one of the broadest trajectories of the sector. In the early years it focused on the profile of large institutional clients. In 2003 also launched the broker and today is also open to the profile of retail investors looking for a reliable broker without having to pay high spreads or commissions. London Capital Group is also listed on the London Stock Exchange.
    London Capital Group is a broker authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA), one of the most demanding regulators today. It complies with the most demanding European regulations for investor protection and customer funds are stored in a number of banks (usually Barclays Bank) segregated from the company and therefore can not be affected by their financial situation.

  15. I have been able to do a good job here, execution is good!

  16. LCG is a provider of CFD services. The website is clearly presented and easy to use. The demo account offers an advantage, but the site lacks more educational material and tools like an economic calendar, market analysis and other accessories with which the competition counts.

    • The educational material you provide at LCG is not directly available from the LCG website, but can be viewed at, which offers online seminars, videos, e-books, trading tools and advanced graphics. A complete market analysis is also provided on this site by the leading investment research provider, Trading Central, which covers stocks, indices, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities markets.

      The LCG trading glossary is quite detailed and informative.

      I use this platform and I have never been short of information or education regarding it.

    • Yes, in a way you’re right. However, they are some things that can be complemented in another way. There are many more advantages that LCG offers than the few disadvantages that can be pointed out.

  17. Very good! Recommended!

  18. I trade for more than 5 years with this broker and I must say that in many ways it is excellent. Support and customer service, excellent platform, good in commissions and spreads, with a boost to the market quite greedy and complete when it comes to investing, good trading tools. I define it as a very complete broker.

  19. Quick execution, quick withdrawal too. Good trading options. Nothing to envy to any broker.

  20. Satisfied at 1000%…
    Nothing more to say.

  21. London Capital Group is a strong corridor in this industry, constantly improving.

  22. Yes, the fact that they have competitive prices and the platform is MetaTrader4, ensures that the operator can have a great experience.

    • Reliable, totally reliable.

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  24. I exchanged with different brokers, more or less the conditions are the same, but what made this broker the best so far is the excellent customer service and the speed to solve any problem or doubt you may get. Any email I sent received a call in a maximum of 30 minutes
    Excellent execution for scalping

  25. It is a consistent Forex broker that has been in the market for over 20 years. The company has good support and reliable trading platforms. In addition, there is no minimum deposit requirement, so you can work with the London Capital Group, even if your capital is only £ 100. For all the positive details I recommend it !!

  26. This is a broker of the most serious in the market and offers very good trading conditions, even if it is not in the typical ECN model.

  27. Low spreads, low commissions, amount of assets

  28. Low spreads, reliable broker

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