LocalBitcoins – www.localbitcoins.com

LocalBitcoins – www.localbitcoins.com

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LocalBitcoins.com is a person-to-person bitcoins exchange site.

At LocalBitcoins.com, people from different countries can exchange their local currency for bitcoins. Users of the site post ads specifying the exchange rate and payment methods for the purchase and / or sale of bitcoins. You can respond to these advertisements and stay in person to buy bitcoins in cash, or trade directly through electronic payments. Bitcoins are stored in your LocalBitcoins.com portfolio, from where you can pay directly for your bitcoin purchases.

Website: https://localbitcoins.com

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  1. In my opinion…
    I never used it, but I think the world needs localbitcoins. Bitcoin is becoming mainstream, regulated (which is probably a necessary condition for future growth), and owned by Bankers&Bureaucrats. Therefore, it’s important to keep, protect and foster private cash-in-hand exchange options.

  2. I prefer localbitcoins but that is because i have had an account for well over a year.
    I imagine someone signing into localbitcoins now would have a hell of a time finding someone who would sell them bitcoin without extra hoop jumping to prove who they are. (because of low feedback and trust)
    Person to person meet ups are possible but are sometimes dodgy and can come at an extra cost per BTC
    same with other transfer methods on localbitcoins they usually are charged at a higher fee .
    I use it for speed thou, i will pay an extra 5% per btc if i can get my coins and withdraw them within 2-5 minutes of purchase , I am also from UK thou as well, from what i understand its easier since its bank-bank transfer in seconds . but never once had a problem

  3. LocalBitcoins has two methods … in-person (also known as face-to-face) cash trading, or online trading. You mention both, I think (as deposit to the seller’s bank account usually occurs without the seller being present).
    Meeting to perform a cash exchange is oftentimes a hassle for either the buyer, for the seller, or for both. The online methods can have their downsides as well.
    But cash definitely works well for trading and thus there are thousands of sellers and thousands of buyers who prefer to trade that method.
    Mycelium Local Trader feature also is a great method for finding in-person cash trades.
    Abra is currently testing its Tellers approach so you’ll have even more local options for using cash with Bitcoin.

  4. Localbitcoins is the best place at the moment to trade cash for bitcoins, which is a nice way to buy and sell bitcoins.

  5. It felt a little confusing, because I had the “watch out” instinct, but after using it a bit, it seemed very hard to do anything wrong. Can definitely recommend it!

  6. Best Tool to Buy/Sell Bitcoins

    I have been a customer of LocalBitcoins (LBTCs) for 4yrs and have had the opportunity to fully use their services except for those reserved to “Pro Traders” as I am not.

    They offer a reasonable amount of info on how to use their services, what Bitcoin is and how to be safe.

    While indeed scammers are present on their site, they do offer reasonable amount of info and tools on how to avoid them in the first place or deal with them safely (such as requesting I.D. wich can be uploaded on the site and remain on records and visible to the parties involved for 3 motnhs).

    When I did incur into a couple of scammers and reported them to LBTCs at the earliest chance, I have received a prompt responce and LBTCs did all they could. They are also happy to cooperate with local authorities, should you decide to report the scammer, for instance (see police site or ActionFraud).

    While there is space for few technical improvements, their site is fairly easy to use and feels safe to me (i.e. 2FA etc.).

    I love in particular their notification system, which allows you to get updated on anything you like via SMSes or emails.

    There are of course ethical issues surrounding Bitcoin (in particular the environmental damage caused by the network of miners which needs to always have the latest and fastest hardware). Yet, Bitcoin is still ethically better than cash and the banking system that we all use every day.
    Moreover, contrary to banks and other financial institutions based on FIAT currencies, LBTCs do not invest in armaments, nuclear power, fracking, petrol etc.

  7. I have never had any problems since. Yes, it is necessary to wait a little before its completion. This is the same everywhere about this type regarding bitcoins.
    The price is probably fine, but I have not seen the world standard.
    It made a trust in the seller and the buyer can give a signal for the functioning of the page system. I have so far only found with fast and useful sales of Bitcoin

  8. LocalBitcoins is safe. Once you have started the “purchase”, the system blocks those bitcoins in the account of the seller, who can not dispose of them. It also sets the price you have to pay for those bitcoins, with the exchange rate at that time.

  9. Seeing how good my experience with LocalBitcoin has been so far, I think it’s fair that I also share it with others. I have been trading with LocalBitcoin for a good amount of time and never really found a reason to complain.

  10. LocalBitcoins est le meilleur moyen d’acheter des Bitcoins si vous souhaitez protéger votre vie privée et échanger au niveau local. Sinon, cela peut être trop énervant.

  11. Lo he usado durante 1 año y no he tenido ningún problema. Pero no me gustó el KYC que me obligan a hacer desde septiembre.

  12. Comme partout, il présente des avantages et des inconvénients. Les opérations PayPal sont un peu risquées ici, la bonne chose est qu’elles utilisent un système de réputation qui aide à éliminer les problèmes, mais cela ne fonctionne pas toujours. J’ai été victime d’une arnaque, mais j’ai également effectué de nombreuses opérations sans problèmes.

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