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  1. We have a good broker here to give an opinion.
    The broker offers an investment platform in web format (webtrader), to which must be added the platform MetaTrader 4 and specific applications for mobile and tablets with iOS or Android. Thanks to this last one the broker allows to realize trading from any place if we have a smartphone or a tablet.
    The Webtrader platform has the advantage that it does not need to download any additional software and we can handle everything via web access from any computer with our user and password. It is a complete and versatile platform with everything necessary to do trading.

  2. Something I can highlight of this broker is his customer support. They have a Support Chat in more than 20 languages that work 24 hours a day. Find us in the chat in a minute and you have an operator connected and ready to clarify the doubts 🙂
    (FCA, CySEC and CNMV).

  3. Excellent, it offers deposit guarantee, about 50 pairs and 200 CFDs available. It offers its own trading platform and others to choose from. 10% welcome bonus.
    In my results I am satisfied.

  4. offers us a comprehensive package as a broker. The demo account, the applications to operate by the mobile, the possibility of having several platforms available, its training material available and many more advantages that offers us, makes a very good option.

    • I started using the demo account to try out this broker and I thought it was great. Now trade in real time. The features they offer are true!

  5. I just opened an account with I am looking forward to hearing some opinions about my strategy as I started trading in a real account right this week.

    So far I had success in 5 out of 5 trades and I am making an accumulated 3%. My goal is 5% each week. I am using simple ABCD strategies in EURUSD, setting interior and exterior trend lines, and trading with the trend. I use mostly a M15 supported by H1 and H4. I can make then 2-3 trades per day. I expect to be able to analyze 2-3 currencies a day and make 9-10 trades in the future.

    Quotes change every second or more often, although I experienced some pauses and I freaked out, is this normal? Quotes are consistent when compared with quotes from Reuters and MT5. Are MT5 quotes reliable? For the time being I have no time to read the market, compare quotes, set lines and plan entry and exit points at the same time. I find this stressing as the numbers change quickly.

    I am trading 0,01 lots. And planning to jump to 0,02 as soon as I get the promised bonuses, $50 from markets and $25 from cashbull FX. If I keep making profits I eventually will switch to a $500 account with Varengold, this is the smallest STP account I found.

    Hope my contribution is appreciated!

    • I wish you the best to keep your results up.

  6. I opened an account there having little experience as a merchant and I went wrong, but I do not blame the platform at all. I certainly did not know how to handle my trades, after that I closed the account.

    • Hi!
      This is regrettable, so we can not reach a market with ignorance, it is necessary to study and learn about the market and risks.
      Since trading with markets, my profits have been increasing. I have had some losses in terms of my trading strategies, but the broker has been totally responsible

  7. Good broker. Good performance, good platform.

  8. is one of the few brokers that do not charge commissions for trading 🙂

    • Not only that, the spreads are really low. And you can trade with only 25 euros

    • Another important aspect is that it is regulated by the FCA. The really good brokers are regulated by them.

      • Also by the corresponding entity of Spain, the CNMV, where the company that owns the broker is registered

  9. My experience has been good, in a year of trading with this broker I have been able to earn more than 60% of what I invested in the beginning. That tells me that if it continues this way in a couple of years I will only have to look at charts and nothing else.

    • Wow! And I guess the investment had to be great did not it?

      • Hi Petter!
        In it is not necessary to start with large sums of money, you can invest less than you think, of course you mayr investment mayr gain and more ease of money movement. But even with little you can make your investment. I started with only 25 euros and my process was certainly slower than other investors. Now I’m not afraid to invest in this broker. I found it to be reliable!

    • Some blog or website where you can tell us a little more about your strategies? I am interested in them.

  10. Good broker. Excellent execution!

  11. Wanted to make a demo account at markets, downloading MT4, but the software looks totally different. I dont think its a good broker for beginners, since there is a completely different software, which will be confusing.
    Can anybody help me?

    • Hi Nahumee has actually 2 downloadable platforms, metatrader 4 and marketrader wich is very different from what you are used to.
      Please make sure you have the MT4 platform installed.

      • Hi Nahumee
        Maybe MT4 was not installed correctly and saw the software was confusing, I started in when my experience was short and I had no problem with its platform.

    • I think Markettrader is rather for people who just want to run a long-term trade with little leverage, not short-term technical traders.

      For most MetaTrader 4 would be recommended at

  12. I didint like Markettrader…

    • And the reason is ????

  13. They are serious in their business professional and give you best service. As a trader you need no reroute and good spread their spread in major 3 to 4pips. They are regulated and customer service is good.At the end you choose what you feel good and close to your requirements. Personally i have so far good experience.

  14. Hi,
    I opened live account with successfully but i have not deposited any amount yet.
    1. Will i get any tradimo points for just opening an account or do i have to deposit first to get tradimo points?
    2. Now i have my platform ID and password. I tried login with MT4 with this.but it said invalid account.
    How can i login now? do i have to deposit first to login in to MT4? if not what i need to give in login and password field and also which server i should select?

    • Hi Tradaz,
      Have you followed all steps and included tradimo as promo code?

      1. You get tp for trading real money, you need to deposit and you need to place at least 1 trade. Also please note it takes a few days for the points to be credited.
      2. You need the right account ID, password and server as well. To get help with that please get in touch with [email protected] (we don’t have access to your account information)
      You do not need to deposit in order to be able to log in.

    • Hi Tradaz!

      1. I think you should make the deposit first, you can not receive the points just by opening it.

      2. Make sure MT4 is installed correctly.


  15. Hello everyone.
    Before opening an account, as beginners, you need to know about pips and spreads… For those who have markets accounts, it’s really interesting i shall mention that my first steps were with them, my first great losses and profits too.. has spreads which are not really interesting compared with othe very good brokers…
    I.e ( spreads on EUR/USD spot=3

  16. trade marketing is very interesting. is best i think.

  17. With this broker you have access to a good amount of assets in which to invest through contracts for differences. Of particular note are stocks, of which there are more than 2000, but there is also a more than acceptable selection of ETFs, indices, commodities and currency pairs. For older people, the broker makes available to their clients and even those who are not market analysis sessions through online webinars. In the training section you will find some basic concepts about forex, CFDs, technical analysis, Elliot waves, but all in a rather superficial way. It can help you to refresh some concept or to identify a weak point to learn about, but it is not enough as a study material.

  18. A reliable broker, which can be tested without risk both in your demo account and thanks to the free welcome bonus of € 25.

  19. It is not registered in the FCA, however it is a company registered in the CySEC and the CNMV. It is safe to invest with them;)

  20. I like this broker, I rate it high.

  21. Someone knows if this broker accept TRADER cryptocurrency? i’ve been working with this currency and let me tell you that i’ve done very well, his earnings are high, never down the value of this coin, it’s seem that this came to revolutionize the trade market, his mining is free, this currency is safe and it is accepted internationally. I suggest you accept it and start working with it as soon as possible. For those who want here I leave the wallet:
    For Windows:!4GIHFS4K!W2JR251ul6t_kh6Vy7In3xQmlCl0gpNACJD56aQMTF8
    For Linux:!QaACGDoI!AWZFNNVLUC5w4JI6Zp-Hqj8ZacZPYv93gPtwJ-nkdyo

  22. The experience of trading with is in my opinion very positive. First of all I have verified that it is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the CNMV. Precisely, these are two of the main factors that make me sure that it is not a fraud, but also, you must know that, as required by the MiFID, it belongs to a compensation fund in such a way that the deposits of Customers are covered.

  23. The best thing about this broker is that it is one of the main brokers currently available in Spanish. It has no commissions, the spreads are among the lowest, and it is supervised by world-renowned entities.

  24. The best thing about this broker is: Super competitive spreads, there are no commissions for buying or selling, two platforms available, among which is MetaTrader 4, tools of the highest level, services in Spanish, broker with a lot of experience in the market, available Cryptocurrency CFDs such as Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash

  25. A reliable broker, which can be tested without risk and with all the normal tools from the demo account.

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