MFX Broker –

MFX Broker –


his international broker launched in 2006 as one of the first ones to offer cent accounts and is particularly popular in the Asia-Pacific region. Their “MFX Copy” service lets you subscribe to and automatically copy signals from successful traders and signal providers on their trading platform. Alternatively their PAMM accounts let you invest directly in some traders as well. To add to the social aspect they also run various contests and tournaments.


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  1. Greetings to all, does anyone know if this broker is accepting TRADER ?, This cryptocurrency is the future of cryptocurrencies, since it is completely free at the time of mining, is anti-fraud and is also accepted internationally, this cryptocurrency maintains its purchasing power which allows the investor to maintain his level of income. I recommend using this currency, if you want to download the wallet here you have it:
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  2. MFX Broker is a very good Broker, they have a low spread, the commission is very low, the execution is excellent and the customer service is excellent.

  3. This is a new Spanish broker allied with Interactive Brokers, offering the products of the great American broker, with which the market offer is excellent. Likewise, the prices and commissions it offers are very close to those of the previous one, which makes it one of the most attractive brokers in the Spanish stock market.

  4. MFXBroker ended its operations and stopped offering all its investment and brokerage services to its clients, including Forex, CFD and binary options trading services, its PAMM and copytrading account service and its MFX Invest investment service. Even your website stopped being online without notice.

  5. This broker offers quick order execution with variable and extremely low spreads depending on market conditions

  6. The best of this broker MFX Broker has a fairly complete website which is translated into several languages ??including English and Spanish.

  7. In general, this site is characterized by being simple and easy to navigate for the visitor.

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