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New “Hidden” book is FREE to remove liquidity
Always pegs to the mid-point of the CBBO
Very low liquidity provider fees


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  1. Omega ATS, an alternative trading system that facilitates trading on all of the major Canadian listed exchanges including TSX, TSXV, CNSX and Alpha, began operations in December of 2007.

  2. Omega offers an inverted pricing model for equities, charging a low price to add liquidity and assessing zero charges to take liquidity. The marketplace also offers Breakpoint Pricing that gives broker dealers a discounted liquidity-providing rate based on overall volume executed on equities in a given month.

  3. Omega intends to offer market hours that will allow participants to take actionable positions in Canada at the earliest reasonable time. Omega ATS does not take term or market orders, thus all orders posted and traded in the early hours of the continuous session will be considered by trading participants and rationalized within their own objectives and risk parameters. Other risk management tools, such as pre-trade risk monitoring systems, are in place and should further reduce the likelihood of erroneous orders being entered during this time.

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  6. Omega ATS is a registered alternative trading system (ATS) in Canada that provides direct access to stock trading. It provides market data of the Omega ATS at a flat rate, with a month of historical data available to its customers. It does not provide data from other places.

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