PennTrade has offered retail traders and investors a fast, simple and secure online trading experience since 1999.


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  2. I have been working with this agent for more than half a year and I have not had problems, it is very convenient and beneficial. My friends also recommended the services of this agent. If you are also looking for a reliable agent, you can join us.

  3. PennTrade is the online commerce division of Pennaluna & Company. Originally founded in 1926, Pennaluna is one of the oldest independent owned brokerage houses in the United States.
    At PennTrade we pride ourselves in offering a good traditional customer service to our thousands of customers throughout the United States and around the world.

  4. I had to do an OTC exchange to get the money to buy another share on the TSX, but they didn’t answer the phone. All I got was an answering machine.

  5. t is an excellent broker !!! It has a team of dedicated employees with many years of experience in brokerage operations and technology development that guarantees that they offer the best possible online trading and investment experience.

  6. Excellent customer service.

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