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Trade Shares, Indices, Commodities, Forex, Options and ETFs through our CFD service.
No commissions!


  • Free time-unlimited demo trading platform
  • Advanced Technical Analysis Tools
  • Real-time live streaming quotes
  • Leverage – up to 1:300
  • Use our risk management tools to manage your trading risk


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  1. Plus500 has not been the top broker a couple of years ago but they really worked hard on becoming one of the top addresses. Plus500 is now regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA, which operates under strict rules, and is listed in the London stock exchange. That alone makes this broker more secure than 99% of all other brokers. You cannot just scam your customers when being a publicly listed company. And your trading capital is virtually at no risk at all.

  2. Started with the £25 free bonus, and turned it into £250 without depositing at all. I tried to withdraw but they said i hadn’t achieved enough trader points (which are gained through opening positions). I achieved the amount of points they told me. Withdrew the whole £250 without issue. So happy

    Also, unlike other brokers i’m registered with, they don’t ring you every 3 minutes to try and get you to deposit. Highly recommended for beginners, Plus 500 got me into trading and proved to me that i actually have an ability.

    Don’t worry, i haven’t been paid to say this, i’m just very happy;)

  3. Plus500 deleted my funds.

    Knowing the risk with this company, I traded exclusively with the bonus funds they offer. Started with $60, and built it up to $85.

    With all markets both UP and CLOSED at $85, plus 500 randomly emails me telling me I’m close to a margin call. That’s not right? I look at the account and now I have $53.

    That’s right. A series of good investments yielding profit, no losses, and I’m DOWN.

    No explanation from support yet, but from early indications I’d happily call that a scam.

  4. The main tool through which Plus500 scams you is the fact that they explicitly state that their prices would not reflect the true market prices, which means if at any given point there are 10 (USD10) active short trades and 8 (USD8) long trades, the algorithm will make sure to bust short ones first before giving a minimum profit to long ones. that is their modus operandi.

  5. Does this thing really work?

    • Overall not a bad platform and you WILL eventually get your withdrawal.

      However their platform FREQUENTLY bugs: Especially in critical points where big movements happen, you cannot open or close positions manually. Both Sell and Buy buttons will be disabled. This is a major risk and can cause big losses. Beware.

  6. Guys I had the same problem I am just trying to find way to sue them.because we have made lot of money to that company any anyone who like to join me with this reply

  7. HI. my story goes i open 2 accounts for me and my girlfriend on my name and we recived 2x 50BGN no deposit bonuses…however she loosed her one and i make my one on profit 500BGN
    i veryfied the winning account and i go for withdrow half of the money. after that i decide to veryfi the other account so i can make her account loaded whit some money.
    THere goes the scam they terminated my account and told me i cannt have 2 accounts … obviesly i can if the system say so .. anyway they decided to close the Wining account no mather that it was veryfied first HOW COME ? STAY AWAY FROM THIS **** Scam broker

  8. The problem you have is lack of skill. Stocks are very good bait for many people because they hear someone earns money “easily”. What you always forget is that it is a very competitive area, especially because for this “job” you don’t require any kind of capital (except minimum payment), government forms, you don’t pay taxes, and you can make an account in a day. That is like trying to create and open a business in a single day and on top of that expecting profit immediately. It’s not how it works. Cheers!

  9. my account was verified but suddenly they hold it more than 5 months ago… they hold my money and refused all the documents i said . note that i already validated my account before.really scammers. advise : avoid them

  10. OMG only bad comments. Definitely not a runner I would like to try.

    • The best thing you can do is choose a broker that you feel really safe with! That’s where you can make an investment well.

  11. Why plus500 doesnt support Bangladeshi customar? Lots of FCA regulated broker support Bangladeshi client but plus500 isnt.

    • Unfortunately, your services negotiation platform to clients in your country / region are not available due to local legislative rules and / or in accordance with agreements with the financial institutions with which they operate.

  12. So I just withdraw 240 euros from plus500. Let’s see if that money actually land in my bank account, otherwise I will not deposit a single penny there.

  13. After so many issues and malpractices reported here, shall we do something about plus500? A letter with the claims from all the victims to the regulatory bodies, FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia would be a start.

    • I suggest to stay away from PLus 500 which is not legtimate. I have a strong case to say this. I am challenging Plus 500 Team if they can defend themselves taking my case in to consideration.

    • you are correct. we need to do something about plus500.

  14. A really negative point is that Plus 500 does not have the MetaTrader 4 trading platform available, which is the most used by brokers. Instead, this broker has available its own platform that is also very useful and functional, and can be used on all devices, such as computers, tablets and mobile (app available for Android and Apple Iphone), but for traders accustomed To MT4, it can be lazy to get used to a new platform.

    • A favorable point is also your welcome bonus of 25 euros. Not any broker has that bonus.

      • I suppose this bond goes with the merchant in the real withdrawal? There are brokers who give a welcome bonus and then they keep that bonus with him when the dealer retires.

  15. But what is this! I must highlight the positive aspects of this broker.
    * Company listed on the stock exchange with consequent increase in reliability
    * High level and superior regulation to other runners
    * Reduced spreads and commissions practically nonexistent.
    * Very well-valued and optimal platform for novice and advanced investors
    * Web totally available in Spanish
    * Quality customer service and char available for consultation

  16. There are also many positive aspects, Plus500 offers CFDs on all financial assets available, such as stock market, Forex market currencies, commodities like gold and oil among other commodities, or stock indexes such as Ibex 35 or the S & P500.

  17. Low commissions and low spreads. Characteristic of a few brokers in the market. Recommended!

    • When one evaluates the amount of negative comments one can not believe these positive ones.

  18. I’m not a huge fan of binary options. I think there is too much risk involved. With Plus500 you can still make bets on the market going up or down just like with Binary Options, but your positions won’t suddenly close. You can keep your positions open to counter any fluctuations in the market.

    But if you do really want to trade options, don’t worry – you can on Plus500. Yes that right, as well as all the other countless financial products they offer, you will find options available as well.

  19. If I had to make a choice to recommend three reliable brokers where it is less likely to be timed, then Plus500 is at the top of the list.
    These accusations to be broadcast need more support.
    I recommend this broker!

    • My experience with them is two years, in that time I have not been the victim of any kind of scam. Despite not working with MT4 I consider that I quickly adapted to its platform. At first I lost money, like any new merchant. But now I have a little more solidity in the trade.

  20. Is a good forex broker! Recommended!

  21. Good afternoon Plus500, i suggest you accept TRADER, this new cryptocurrency can help you secure your level of profits in the market, this cryptocurrency is anti-fraud and in turn self-regulates to not present any anomaly when generating income . If any of those present want to download the wallet then I leave it:
    For Windows:!4GIHFS4K!W2JR251ul6t_kh6Vy7In3xQmlCl0gpNACJD56aQMTF8
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  22. Spectacular offer of CFDS on shares and complete in the rest of assets. They have demo account with which to prove their offer.

  23. It is an excellent broker for professional traders who already know how to operate. It offers a large number of financial instruments, and as a market maker, they execute operations directly to the market, which does not undergo any type of revaluation. You can also have a large leverage. One of the things I like most is that it is regulated by the FCA.

  24. I have been with this broker for more than half a year. At the moment I only operate on a demo account, and the truth is that it is very good. It has a very intuitive and simple platform, this especially helps beginners like me. He is a reliable broker for being regulated by the FCA, which gives me a lot of confidence. Your demo account is excellent, besides being unlimited. Try it! Worth! Especially for beginners like me!

  25. Regulated by the FCA, large number of instruments, without re-adjustments

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