PRIME By ADS Securities London –

PRIME By ADS Securities London –

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We are a London-based brokerage and ECN, providing sophisticated multi-market forex, precious metals, CFD and spread trading for both retail and institutional clients. We started operations in November 2014, serving investors and institutions based in the UK, Europe and North America.

Our Mission


We are building a strong and secure Financial Services company, where clients come first and technology is used to create the best possible trading experience.

ADS Securities has grown organically developing multi-asset trading solutions for institutional and retail clients. We want to remain a trusted partner in the heart of the world’s largest forex market.


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  1. There is not much information about them on the web, can anyone tell me about them?

    • PRIME es un broker de Forex y CFDs regulado por la FCA, es un producto de ADS Securities. Hasta ahora ha demosrado tener buenos beneficios: Institutional-grade liquidity, pricing and spreads, ultra-fast pricing and execution in 250+ products, ADS MT4 Plus – the power of MT4, multiplied.
      I do not have an account of my own but I have used affiliate partner accounts and I think it is a good broker.

    • I liked that they do not abuse commissions and spreads There are brokers that give you a base cost and then change it without supporting the why, here it has been maintained.

    • It’s good! You can test with a demo, then if you like you have several account options to choose from. If I remember correctly are three options with different benefits from each other. I invite you to try with this broker.

  2. I was invited via email to operate with this broker. Brokers who use this type of violent advertising are usually cheaters, not reliable for me.

    • You can not rate a broker just for your advertising, if you have not even made the attempt on a demo account you can not comment!

  3. Uno de los aspectos que más me arajo aprobar con este broker fue el programa de provisión de fondos para cuentas en nueve monedas diferentes. Además que la plataforma funciona muy bien. No tengo quejas de este corredor en lo absoluto.

  4. I did not even like the demo account. I’m not saying it’s bad, I did not adapt.

  5. The platform is really good, you can see that he trained professionally and offers many opportunities. You can also trade in Forex, not only in cryptocurrencies.

  6. Ho investito 2000 dl e bene sono stato davvero truffato, come sapere per certo
    Non sarà lo stesso il modo in cui garantiscono la sicurezza di un investimento sicuro senza il rischio di attraversare la stessa situazione?

  7. Die Ein-Klick-Bedienung ermöglicht es den Betreibern, schnell auf einen sich ändernden Markt zu reagieren, während der Trailing-Stop-Service in allen Konten verfügbar ist. Die Eröffnung eines Kontos ist mit einer Einzahlung von nur £ 200 sehr einfach und es gibt viele Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten, um die Anforderungen eines breiten Anlegerspektrums zu erfüllen.

  8. Excelente broker. Tasas de comisión competitivas para operadores de forex activos. Regulado en varios grandes centros reguladores. Tasas de margen bajas. Plataforma web OREX basada en HTML 5

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