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Renta 4 Banco is a publicly listed Bank specialized in wealth management, brokerage services and corporate advisory. It is the parent company of a number of companies providing investment and asset management services (the “Renta 4 Group”). “). It is not affiliated with any industrial group and prides itself in being independent.


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  1. Renta 4 is one of the largest and best known Spanish brokers by investors. It is not for less, its services are of quality and, in addition, for a few years in addition to broker is also a bank. However, it has a handicap that, in our opinion is very important, and is that it is not exactly cheap, especially if you want it for trading.

  2. For several years I was a client of the Renta 4 Bank broker. My opinion on this broker is based on the commissions they charge and on my experience as a client during those years.

  3. My experience with Rent 4 was very positive and I was always very happy with them. The only reason I decided to change broker was the inclusion of custody commissions that we have seen, which I find exaggeratedly high. Without at any time these commissions disappeared, it is very probable that he returned to Rent 4.

  4. The staff is very professional, they know what they say and what they do, they work quickly and diligently and are very friendly.

  5. For many investors this is an advantage, because they do not manage very well on the internet, or for the peace of mind that gives them a place to go or someone to talk to in person. In my opinion, however, although this is an advantage, it is not important enough to compensate for such large commissions.

  6. I agree that R4-level commissions may be more expensive than other brokers: cmc, ig markets. But of course these people have offices throughout Spain and you have the guarantee that if you have a problem there is some physical place to complain, and that comes at a price. Also if you only have in your account your etf’s portfolio and you do not want to be charged a custody commission (I know that R4 is one of the cheapest on the market), what do they gain? Are an NGO.
    Anyway, blessed competition, you have a huge range of financial intermediaries where you place the investments at the best cost, perhaps the least security, with better or worse service.

  7. Hello..
    I am Renta 4 customer and I am quite happy. Let’s start from the Uxio base, which says that you practically do not use that broker to operate, what advantages are you going to give to income4 if they see in your movements that you are not doing operations with them? If you do not operate and you want to go, because you have the doors open, it is totally logical. Another thing is to say “hey look, I do 12 operations a month on average, if you give me the ETF commissions I stay, if I will not go to another broker, as you see I have a considerable expenditure per month in conditions.”
    And of course the treatment that comes to me from them is impeccable.

  8. Strengths

    High-quality investment platform
    Network of offices in Spain
    Available tools and analysis
    Knowledgeable managers
    Web very usable


    High rates compared to the rest of the market
    Commissions for maintenance
    No Welcome Bonus

  9. Too expensive … The differentials are quite large.
    They are not the best negotiating conditions with the call and stop margin levels.

  10. Nach dem, was ich mit ihnen zusammengearbeitet habe, kann ich sagen, dass er ein Makler mit maximalem Vertrauen ist. das, da jeder starke und schwache Punkte haben wird.

  11. Renta 4 se mantiene bastante bien, ofreciendo unas comisiones aceptables con un servicio excelente y un acceso a los mercados muy amplio.

  12. Il manque de contrats en ce qui concerne les différences entre les actions et critique sa limitation marquée sur le Forex. De la même manière critique, cela ne pourrait presque plus fonctionner que par des contrats à terme.

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