Cutting edge technology; back-to-basics mentality; StockCross Investment Specialists and our rich online resources will help you create and manage a long-term investment strategy.


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  2. Excellent broker, very effective execution and low spreads. FCA regulated. Innovative concept with the connection of traders and investors. Create opportunities for good traders to gain performance information and also create new unique opportunities for investors to create a balanced portfolio of qualified traders. Customer service is also first class. Probably the best runner and is setting a new standard for the competition.

  3. Stockcross Financial Services, Inc. ofrece servicios de corretaje y distribución de valores. La Compañía ofrece acciones, opciones, futuros, derivados de materias primas, ETF y servicios de negociación de valores de renta fija. Stockcross Financial Services sirve a clientes en los Estados Unidos.

  4. Good broker, online investment services and telephone support offer customers worldwide instant and updated information about their accounts.

  5. StockCross offers me everything I need from a good broker, its full range of offers, including market creation, fixed income products, online or broker-assisted stock trading, securities loans and stock plan services throughout the world

  6. StockCross fully supports me with excellent customer service, experienced investment specialists, qualified fixed income specialists and 24-hour capital and technical support options, so I recommend it

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