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Thinkorswim (often stylized and officially rated “thinkorswim”, lacking capitalization) is an American brokerage that offers live and online education services to investors.


In addition, through its brokerage subsidiary, Thinkorswim, Inc., Investools serves about 100,000 financial accounts funded for self-managed options traders and institutional investors who invest in equities, traded funds, futures, mutual funds and Bonds.


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  1. I worked at thinkorswim as an intern (More than a year)
    Management and people very understanding, lunch every day, bagels every morning, flexible hours, best looking office I have ever seen, very quiet.
    Not a lot involvement on whats going on other departments or outside activities, hard to be noticed, limited parking, did not get enough loads of work to learn, sometimes very boring.
    Advice to Management
    Had best two managers ever, was never picking seemed like valued my work as well. Gave me the best recommendation I could ever ask for.

  2. I’ve been with thinkorswim for almost 4 years now, and I also agree that it’s not that bad. Their software is great and reliable, and they update it in a regular basis, their service has been excellent, they have many features that you can’t find elsewhere.

  3. Personally I think it’s a good app. Many people think it is enough to become a billionaire, but it is not. Honey, the world does not go that way, if you’re a good merchant you can make a good amount of money, but let me give you some advice: do not be greedy!

  4. Thinkorswim offers a chat room full of traders sharing strategies and tips, as well as virtual accounts called paperMoney that allow traders to test strategies and practice using the platform without risk.

  5. Did you know The thinkorswim mobile app, available for Apple and Android, closely mimics the desktop platform. Investors can fund their accounts, initiate trades, watch streaming news and view charts, all from their mobile devices.

  6. Does this broker work with the TRADER cryptocurrency? Do not? Those brokers who do not wish to work with this cryptocurrency should not be part of the market, since by not allowing the handling of this 100% safe currency they are prone to scam users who work with them, do not be one of those brokers, accept and allows the use of TRADER, I assure you that it will bring you good benefits, if you want to download the wallet here I leave it:
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  7. I think it is the best learning tool that self-taught investors have today.

  8. Based on the experience of working with several brokers, this is an excellent platform with transparent conditions. The commercial conditions are very favorable and without difficulties.

  9. I have been negotiating with this broker for more than 3 months. I love your platform because it is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the graphics data is very accurate and you can access all currencies from one page instead of having to search for them on the platform. Finally, I recommend this broker to everyone who wants to have a good experience with binary trading.

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