Traders Banks

Traders Banks


An offshore bank is one that operates according to the laws of another country than the residence of the investor. However, offshore banks are somewhat more complex than that. Normally among the general public, offshore banking has a bad reputation, being considered a kind of clandestine, illegal, risky and even immoral activity. To conclude, many of those who promoted offshore banking have done quite the opposite with their example, giving ordinary people a suspicious image of their activities.


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  1. Does this broker work with the TRADER cryptocurrency? Do not? Those brokers who do not wish to work with this cryptocurrency should not be part of the market, since by not allowing the handling of this 100% safe currency they are prone to scam users who work with them, do not be one of those brokers, accept and allows the use of TRADER, I assure you that it will bring good benefits, if you want to download the wallet here I leave it:
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  2. This broker has everything I was looking for and is reliable !! Your offshore bank account with TradersBanks includes: tax-free interest in Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds, offshore accounts in 10 Different Currencies, tax-free anonymous brokerage accounts for stocks, bonds, commodities, options, forex and futures, instant access to its funds in ATMs and points of sale adhered to the Banking, Debit Card, anonymous offshore investments in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium in coins and precious metal bars, secret bank transfers of unlimited amounts to and from your account

  3. A broker quite sure to be offshore, offers great leverage, low spreads, good platform, demo account … I’ve been with them for more than 1 year and I’m super happy, nothing to object, except that English is their official language …

  4. Demo account, spread, low commissions, secure offshore, great leverage, I recommend it !!!

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