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Universal Platform is a platform with global access to all markets in the world such as: CFDs, stocks, ETFs, futures, forex, options, among others. This software has connection with all brokers, being a universal platform with powerful commercial functions as it offers an extensive list of advanced features.

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  1. In general I am doing well with this broker, I operate through them in the long term and everything is going perfect. I have no complaints, just as something negative is that they hardly have support in Spanish

  2. CFD brokers are the best but it depends a lot on what product you want to operate and what demands you have on the platform, commissions, markets, etc. It has more news and ways to take advantage of it, in the future and as I continue to learn about this broker, I will expand the information.

  3. I have been operating with this broker for 3 months and the truth is that I am very happy, everything will depend on what you are looking for, the experience and the knowledge of analysis you have.

  4. Based on the experience of working with several brokers, this is an excellent platform with transparent conditions. The commercial conditions are very favorable and without difficulties. Technical support always responds quickly and helps solve your question. I have not noticed any inconvenience as such. I don’t see any obstacles to work, Everything is transparent and real!

  5. A robust, good and reliable broker. It offers assets in Forex and CFDs. Many ways to enter and almost instantaneous withdrawals. I’ve been with them for more than 3 years and 0 problems have given me.

  6. I like working with this broker, reliable and profitable. I recommend it.

  7. I have been working with this broker for more than half a year, and everything suits me, there were no problems, it is very convenient and beneficial. My friends also recommended the services of this agent. If you are also looking for a reliable agent, you can try Universal Platform

  8. Good broker to start. Good bonuses and low commissions compared to other brokers.

  9. An excellent broker – good job! After reading a few positive reviews I decided to try them for myself. When I get in touch with them for a problem, they always give me a solution, their answers are clear and quick.

  10. In summary, all I can say is that I am very satisfied with them, it is one of the best brokers I have worked with. Hopefully other operators are lucky enough to find them.

  11. For now it has always worked well for the long term, and general terms. As Forex Broker is not bad, but as I said in the inconvenience, you do not get any information that can help me make decisions or explain certain anomalous behaviors.

  12. This company is a broker for true professionals. I really like the service they provide! I’ve been operating with this broker for 2 years now. I can’t say that I mentioned that something is wrong with that. I can’t say anything bad about this broker.

  13. Good broker! No technical problems, no questions for execution. The spreads are good enough. Withdrawal on the same day of the request. But keep in mind that the bank can have funds for up to three days. Overall, I am satisfied and recommend this broker

  14. The investment tools you have are one of the best aspects of this forex. Regards

  15. They have very low and convenient rates for those who just started in the world of investments, very good

  16. I have a VIP account and the truth is that it is very useful since otherwise they have a lot of idea, even with a personal manager to check what you want.

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