XTB online trading – www.xtb.com

XTB online trading – www.xtb.com

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Learn to trade with our comprehensive education


At XTB, our goal is to help develop your trading so that you can become profitable over the long-term. That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive educational program that develops your skills and knowledge for every step of your trading journey:

  • Trading Academy: Video tutorials, guides, articles and more
  • Online webinars & live market analysis: Interact with market experts
  • XTB’s Trading Club: Join a community of like-minded traders
  • 1-2-1 mentoring and development: Learn from the pros and enhance your skills

Website: https://www.xtb.com

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  1. For my XTB is the best since it is regulated in Spain by the CNMV and subject to Spanish law, has the trading platform Metatrader, which is one of the best, and offers many currency pairs as well as international indices and raw materials . Against has high spreads, and is somewhat slow graphing. Of course grateful support in Spanish and offices in Madrid

  2. Yo con XTB he visto que en cuenta real las operaciones se ejecutan más rápido que en Demo. Rara vez tardan más de dos segundos en ejecutarse. Además el servidor para real es mucho más estable. Y si uno se queda colgado rápido sueles conectar a otro servidor alternativo.”

  3. Minimum initial deposit
    XTB requires $250 as initial deposit for opening a live account, which is average.

  4. This broker offers both fixed and variable spreads. The fixed ones are available on the Basic account and amount to 2.0 pips on EUR/USD, which is average. As regards the variable spreads, the ones provided on the Pro account are as low as 0.3 pips on EUR/USD, but incur a commission fee of 2.5 GBP / 3,5 EUR / 4 USD / 1400 HUF per lot (per side). No commission is charged on the Basic and Standard accounts

  5. The maximum leverage provided by XTB depending on the instrument traded:
    – forex: leverage up to 1:200;
    – indices: leverage up to 1:133;
    – commodities: leverage up to 1:66;
    – shares & ETFs: leverage up to 1:10.

    On the whole, a maximum leverage of 1:200 is deemed average for the market, however some traders may wish to trade more with less.

  6. XTB is user-friendly, fully-customizable platform, which is equipped with an advanced trading calculator (instantly determining a trader`s potential profit or loss, thus allowing more informed trading decisions). Traders will probably appreciate even more the other two features of the platform: one-click dealing and the ability to deal straight from the charts.

  7. Well I carry with them very little time in XTB and I like.

  8. Excellent client service.

  9. XTB offers a variety of promotions to its clients:

    – the Loyalty program that offers traders the opportunity to earn cashback on each completed
    up to £2.60 cash back per lot.
    – Monthly interest cash – traders can earn up to 1.1% on their cash balance each month, depending on the volume of trades.
    – Refer a friend bonus – if a trader refers a friend and the latter opens a real account and trades a total of 10 round lots, both of them are entitled to £40.

  10. XTB es un agente seguro y fiable, que ofrece el comercio en una amplia gama de CFDs a través tanto de su Xstation propietario y el famoso MT4.

  11. XTB Brokers is possibly the best-known and most widely accepted CFD broker among Spanish clients. XTB was founded in 2002 and has presence in more than 15 countries. XTB is regulated by the main financial agencies including the FDA and the CNMV (National Commission of Markets and Securities). XTB offers us a lot of underlying assets to trade (Forex, Commodities, stock indices)

  12. Y cuánto son las comisiones en XTB?

  13. And how much are commissions in XTB?

    • 8 € + 8 € (enter + exit, all included), I think. But it is best to look at them on their website or talk to them. I do not know the details.

  14. Hello, David..
    I have had the opportunity to meet with the people of XTB in Madrid in their offices of the Pº de la Castellana (specifically in C / Pedro Teixiera). I fully agree with you. It is a spectacular team, full of professionals. I think that one of the keys to its success is to bring that number of professionals together in one direction.

  15. Hello,
    I do not usually write much on Blogs, and I think this is the first time, but I would like to bring my point of view to XTB, as a customer I am.
    I am very surprised that they are not talked about in most forums and blogs, I know in good ink that they are not the most competitive in terms of commissions or spreads, but neither do I seem to be the worst. Eye, in my case I have a normal trading account with little amount, if you want to dedicate to this more exhaustively you can negotiate with them more competitive commissions. Here I am not very sure, but it will depend on the amount of the account and the number of operations that you realize.
    In my particular case, I use almost all platforms (mobile, xStation and metatrader), it is true that they are not the best, but to start I think they are quite good and reliable. I usually trade indexes and FX, because I hate commissions in Equity, and here the spreads are not very good in general if you get out of the most liquid, EURUSD and SP500. Although to me it’s worth it, since I do not have much time to trade for work reasons … but I’m one of the lucky few who trader (FX, and formerly Equity), so I’m always very connected To the markets that is what I am passionate about.
    As for training, as Uxío says, it is very good and they are constantly doing online courses, webinars, etc. To this must be added the comments about the market they make on a regular basis and the reports they send by mail.
    In my opinion, I think he is one of the most trustworthy brokers I have. True you pay (in commissions and spreads), but nothing goes for free and the quality of service comes at a price.

  16. I just became a customer and it was what I liked most about this broker: customer service. I am called every 2 × 3 to see how I go, if I have doubts, make recommendations, ask them for help regarding the values I have on the radar …
    The attention, at the moment, although I take a week, I give a high approval.

  17. One of its weaknesses is that
    – No welcome bonus.
    – Customers with more money have better offers
    – Minimum deposit of 1,000 euros
    – Requires to negotiate a minimum of lots for your basic account

  18. Hi, to see today I have been called borker XTB, and they offer me everything I want to try and others, which are the best I do not know that I do not know how much …. now I want opinions from people who have tried it or Heard something about them, to see that you can tell me. Greetings.

    • The minimum deposit is high but it is a good broker. I think the spreads are quite competitive. By the way I just read the book “On the Wave of the Market” that offers free XTB. Good first chapters at least and I liked it.

      By the way Fran, what have you been told to convince you?

  19. Good Saul …

    Well they offer me everything they offer in a real account, but without deposit totally free for a month, but of course asks me all the documentation that asks a broker once you have a real account … that are the requirements to be able Access a standard user with all the benefits but without depositing anything.

  20. Hello, I tell you my experience …
    I am in xtb for a year and the truth is that I have no complaint of them, if you are going to operate the ibex I do not recommend it since they have a fork between 8 and 10 points, but if you want to make currencies or other indices This is bad but they are not bargain, but at least they are serious people and respond

  21. XTB charts are superb

    Been trading with XTB for two years. Their platform charts are amazing vs the other brokers and i find it very easy to use. Customer service team always answer immediately.

  22. Good training for newbies.

    The training was very good for a beginner. It gives you a basic understanding of the process.
    In exchange you are invited to sign an account with XTB.
    The platform offers you the possibility to start trading in a REAL or DEMO mode. The platform is very nice and has several tools at your disposal.
    The training facilities in London were fantastic in the heart of the financial center.
    This review is about the TRAINING offered and not about TRADING with XTB as we haven’t done it yet.
    Overall very satisfied and thankful for the opportunity given.

  23. They have been helpful in the two day I was there I learn a few thing

  24. Helpful and reliable but too reliant on email for communication.
    Good service and knowledgeable and I will continue to use them as my broker

  25. I have to admit this was one of the best trading education for beginners I attended. Nathan is very honest and shares his knowledge. Very detailed and inte.nse session

  26. I like this platform because has almost everything you need to become a successful trader and besides of all it has an advance and very nice interface

  27. Worst Broker i have ever tried

    Poor execution, very high slippage, Platform freezing is very common, clearly have a dealing desk

  28. Is a great platform. I haven’t had any execution problems and the connectivity is excellent. Big thanks to Eryk for the good customer support, and to XTB for organising great events for their customers.

  29. I can recommend one of the best brokers

  30. perhaps the most extensive and comprehensive platform that exists.

    To put it simply, with Xtb it is not only about the fact that I find a big variety of instruments to trade or the best spreads. The expected technical tools are user-friendly, but I wouldn’t even go there, neither.

    What makes this platform BIG is that With Xtb there is an ongoing news center that covers all major and non-major events, daily, major financial media news, providing information and data, in real time, making it the equivalent of having a real trading office from your home.

    it is like working wiith a dozen assistants helping you.

    Plus, with the personal assistance through emails, webinars on forecasting, and even training by sectors, it takes it to a very, very professional level.

    Not being perfect, things can be improved — really waiting for the new version to come as an App ( the site version kind of lags ), but absolutely the number one in terms of credibility.

  31. Feel Lucky to have XTB as my broker

    At XTB I have found them to be very helpful and friendly. The reason I feel lucky to be with XTB is everything I have leant about trading is through XTB their webinars, trading clubs and Master Classes and I have been educated for free which these days is pretty lucky when you think their are people charging £2000 to £3000 for a course in trading, so I have to thank the people at XTB for that and hope it may continue. From my experience I can strongly recommend XTB to anybody thinking of starting to trade.

  32. I love ur platform.I’v got all tools i need.thanx

  33. One of the bedt

    Xtb are a no nonsense broker. Platform is quite good, costs are good and their team are friendly. Had a withdrawal which was in my bank very quick .
    Happy to continue trading with xtb

  34. A broker that appears to actually care about its clients

    After churning through pretty much every broker out there – and accepting it’s my lack of trading skill rather than the underlying platform that really causes problems – XTB are the only company who seem to want you/me/one to succeed (i.e. not burn through your capital in a day).

    I haven’t taken them up on half of their offers but have still been left with a positive impression, despite running a huge loss!

  35. Very good for Natgas and S&P500 CFDs

    Really enjoy their services – particularly, natutal gas (XTB allows rollovers, which is very handy) and S&P500, which has no daily cost. Recommend to all trading those instruments.

  36. Been with them for a while, Never had any complaints.
    Their new xStation 5 platform is really good. I particularly like the performance stats and heatmaps.

  37. Good trading platform

    Great for trading forex.

  38. I Have been trading for a short period of time. The broker team are skilled professional workers and dedicated to encourage successful outcomes for their clients. I have learnt a lot from the XTB master classes. The atmosphere is good and it promotes my motivation to succeed in becoming a skilled trader.

  39. They put emphasis on education

    I became aware of XTB after seeing Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal!!) in an advert somewhere, and my initial impressions are quite positive. What I like about this company is that, as someone who’s relatively new to trading, they’re actively encouraging me to take it slow – so I’ve opened a demo and am getting used to the platform before I put any actual capital down. So far all the support I’ve received over the phone has been decent, so I’m quite happy with my experience with them so far.

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  41. The platforms offered are top-notch (its own xStation 5 platform is especially well valued by desktop users, as is the case with its mobile device app that is considered one of the most complete today.

  42. Now it is convenient for me to work with this broker, but I want more currency pairs in the instruments.

  43. A good and reliable broker. I haven’t had a single problem with them so far! The platform is easy to use, fast execution of orders in many currency pairs to trade.

  44. I have a very bad experience with them. I lost a whopping 190,000 euros between 2014 and 2015. They advise you badly, they manipulate the platform as they want, when you want to close an operation, curiously the platform slows down, clearly hurting you. They change the spreads too much, uploading them whenever they want. When I broke up, they offered me that if I invested more money in the account, they would even help me operate and recover more than 10% of the amount invested, which was false, since I only recovered 500 euros. They promise and do not comply, they manipulate the platform so that you earn less and the withdrawals take what is not in the writings. Horrible broker!

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