At Zacks Trade, we’ve always been partial to independent thinkers. It takes courage to have faith in your own convictions and question conventional wisdom, especially when it’s your own money at stake. That’s why we treat every client with the utmost respect, regardless of their experience level. We’re committed to providing traders and investors like you with the cutting edge tools, research and customer support you need. So you’re free to pursue your investment goals the way YOU want.


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  3. The execution of this broker is impeccable, something that made me very stressed when trying a runner. Their commissions are also low and without additional fees for any transaction. Overall awesome. Very good broker for the merchant with price sensitive strategies or EA. Last but not least, withdrawals are timely. If something changes it keeps everyone informed.

  4. Some things that I found frustrating within the trading platform were the speed in certain areas and their visualization. This reverts to the beginning of this review in the sense of being exclusively for advanced operators. I imagine that a beginner would feel very overwhelmed once he opened the ‘New window’ tab while trying to customize his workstation.

  5. If you are an experienced trader, ZacksTrade Pro may be familiar. That is no accident; ZacksTrade Pro is exactly the same platform as Interactive Brokers. This is not bad, we see it with many new trading platforms. You can take advantage of ZacksTrade Pro offers while using an Interactive Brokers style platform, a win for the customer.

  6. This broker offers me low-cost trade, excellent research tools, variety of values, customizable workspace, that’s why I recommend it !!!

  7. Not recommended for beginners, who should look for brokers that do not require a minimum balance. Zacks Trade requires that you open an account with at least $ 2,500.

  8. Excellent for advanced investors. The profiles of this broker are very easy to read and analyze, while offering the option of deepening capital expenditures, cash flow, income, EBITDA and more.

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